Business travel services, including all-important emergency assistance, and a range that can be used any time – not just when there's a claim.



Claims & travel support for businesses & their employees under a GlobeCover Group Personal Accident & Travel Policy


GlobeCover provides insured persons with business travel services, including all-important emergency assistance, and a range of web and telephone based services that can be used at any time – not just when a claim is being made. The services on this page are designed to be used before a business trip.

All the emergency and assistance services described are subject to the policy cover.


Before you leave

Services to help you prepare for your trip and stay safe whilst you're on it.

Before you travel on business you can access our award-winning e-learning security and situation awareness programme, Security Awareness Training. It’s simple to access and use and provides practical advice about personal security, preparation and arrival, travel health risks, getting around, street crime and robbery, terrorism and unrest.

Fully interactive, the core episode and six modules can be completed individually or together (they take around 45 minutes in total) and are accessible at work, home or whilst travelling.

To access this service click here >

General advice about

  • business and social customs, and political situations 
  • medical issues, medical facilities overseas and health precautions (including vaccinations) 
  • visa and entry permit requirements 
  • currency and banking hours, time zones and climate, and driving restrictions
  • Security advice covering over 200 countries, updated daily by security analysts, including terrorist, kidnap and cultural threats. Free updates e-mailed daily to a traveller’s inbox*
  • High risk travel safety briefings for specific trips to high risk countries provided within 24 hours by request*
  • Travel alert emails sent directly to a traveller helping them to stay ahead of changing political situations or severe weather conditions which might disrupt important travel*
  • Identity theft – guidance on preventative action, credit file monitoring, re-establishment of identity and repair of the insured person’s credit rating standing.

*For security advice, high risk travel safety briefings and email alerts, travellers need to register online. For security advice and assistance click here.

Need a restaurant near your hotel or a conference room near the airport?

Our Concierge Service can also save you time and effort at home with recommendations for local tradesmen, decorators and gardeners plus information such as which schools, doctors or babysitters are available in the area.

Simply phone:+44(0)1273 735443* (24 hours a day, 7 days a week)

Allows you to upload important documents and medical details to a personal and secure website and either retrieve them online or by calling our medical assistance company.

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When you are travelling

Services to help you deal with emergencies whilst you're travelling.

Please always contact us if you require medical attention. This is particularly important whilst travelling in the USA, as you might be asked to provide a proof of eligibility to use a medical network – the medical assistance company will arrange this for you.

When contacting us, please provide:

  1. the name of your employer and the policy number
  2. your name, location and country of residence
  3. your condition, symptoms or query
  4. a telephone number we can contact you on

Our multi-lingual staff have experience dealing with hospitals and clinics worldwide and are supported by medical consultants and nursing staff, to help you get the most appropriate medical treatment.

They can arrange:

  • a medical referral to the most suitable clinic, hospital or dentist for treatment
  • direct billing with medical providers, so you don’t need to use your own cash or credit card
  • for someone to visit you whilst you’re in hospital or ill abroad
  • an evacuation to the nearest centre of medical excellent or to bring you back home – will a fully equipped medical team if needed
  • to help locate medication or medical equipment if you can’t obtain them locally.

For assistance call our 24/7 Emergency Helpline: +44(0)1273 735443* (24 hours a day, 7 days a week)

  • Emergency message relay – to family and business associates
  • Lost ticket and baggage location – help with the replacement of lost or stolen tickets, passport or travel documents, contact lenses and glasses and location of lost baggage
  • Emergency cash advance – if your cash is lost or stolen abroad (the advance will be deducted from any subsequent claim payment or must be reimbursed to us)
  • Port/airport assistance – we’ll liaise with your carrier if you’re delayed on the way to your departure point and make onward travel arrangements, if necessary
  • Legal referral – to an embassy, consulate or other source of legal advice, including an English-speaking lawyer

For assistance call our 24/7 Emergency Helpline:+44(0)1273 735443* (24 hours a day, 7 days a week)

24/7 access to a network of reliable tradesmen to repair an emergency at home in the Republic of Ireland (e.g. a burst pipe, a broken window or a leaking roof) whilst travelling. The cost of any work undertaken is not recoverable under the GlobeCover policy.

Call 1850 924012.

Any time services

In addition to the services provided for business travellers, GlobeCover also provides a range of services that any insured person can use.

All the emergency and assistance services described are subject to the policy cover.

You and your family can access our online health portal at any time.

  • 24-hour remote access to fully trained nurses via the website, phone, SMS text message or even video mobile phone.
  • Plus a wealth of general and educational health information such as weight loss, quitting smoking, blood pressure and details on alternative treatments

A free medical second opinion from a leading specialist following initial diagnosis. All new medical conditions diagnosed whilst you are insured are covered.

For assistance call Second Opinion on +44 (0)20 7486 2300 or
to access this service click here >    

Counselling service

  • Identifying and managing stress and stressful situations, including crises, debt and addiction
  • Advice on the practical and emotional aspects of living with a long-term injury or disablement
  • Support and help for family and colleagues to cope with a bereavement
  • Support after an injury that prevents continuing with current employment and advice about finding new employment

For counselling services, call 1850 670407 (calls are not recorded)

Call 1850 670407 with your employer’s GlobeCover policy number to access any of the following:

  • Bereavement advice
  • Eurolaw legal advice – 24/7 confidential legal advice over the phone about personal legal problems (relating to laws of EU member countries, the Isle of Man, Channel Islands, Switzerland and Norway).


You can make a claim by contacting the department responsible for your employer’s insurance. A claim form should be completed and submitted to the Insurer. This can be obtained from your employer or can be downloaded from this page.

Phone: +353 (0) 1 208 1400
Fax: +350 (0) 1 283 7773
Post: GlobeCover Claims, 30 North Wall Quay, International Financial Services Centre, Dublin 1.

Claims concierge service

Save time by calling our claims concierge service for a personal money or baggage claim. We aim to decide 90% of all personal baggage and money claims over the phone - within 15 minutes and without the need for documentary validation. Just call +353 1 208 1400.