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Please stay safe during the adverse weather and exercise caution at all times.

Stormy Weather


We should like to advise all our AIG customers to stay safe, exercise caution and avoid unnecessary journeys during adverse weather. This advise is for your safety and the safety of others. In event of an emergency, we recommend taking extra care in windy, wet or icy conditions, slow down and drive safely. The Road Safety Authority can be referred to for further advice on what to do during severe weather warnings.

Useful helplines

Emergency Services 999/112
Motorway accident line 0818-715100
Gas Networks 1850-205050
ESB (for outages) 1850-372999
Irish Water 1850-278278
AIG Breakdown Assistance (01)-8044328
Emergency Home Assist 1850-924012

Advice on How to Stay Safe

It's difficult to forecast everything that could go wrong, but it's easy to be prepared, learn what to expect and how to keep safe. 

Storm Damage

Be sure to check your home in the aftermath of a storm 

  • Check for hazards like fallen debris or broken glass
  • Access your gas line
  • Report any damage 

For more details - SEE HERE> 

Flight Issues

Tips to get airborne again

  • Speak to a person    
  • Get online 
  • Be Nice
  • Check Twitter
  • Contact your Travel Insurance

For more details - SEE HERE> 


Getting In Touch With Us

Updated Contact Centre Hours

There are currently no changes to our normal operating hours. 

Claims Details

Due to adverse conditions our claims line may be busy. However, you will still be able to log a claim on our online claims portal. We do apologise for any inconvenience.

Making a Claim

Get Ready For Winter Weather

In order to prepare for the upcoming season and change of weather, don't just put on the extra jumper. Be safe, get ready for any poor conditions on our roads and in our homes with the tips below. 


Before you set off

  • Allow extra time for any travel
  • Clear and De-ice your car - Including all windows, roof and lights. 
    • Never use boiling water to do so
  • Check your tyres for adequate tread (consider snow chains)
  • Check your coolant to avoid engine freezing

Get your car winter ready - SEE MORE > 

As you drive

  • Adapt your driving style - Take it slow with gentle maneuvers
    • avoid harsh acceleration and hard braking
    • drive in a higher gear and avoid abrupt gear changes
    • leave appropriate stopping distance between you and the car ahead.
  • Use dipped headlights 

For more tips when driving- SEE HERE> 

Hibernate your Home

  • Get your Boiler Serviced
  • Lag Pipes to protect from Freezing
  • Insulate your Attic
  • Check your Radiators for leaks
  • Ensure your windows and doors are well sealed
  • Sweep the chimney

Protect your home - LEARN MORE > 

 Walk Safely on Ice 

  • Check for Ice 
  • Extend your arms
  • Spread your feet
  • Lean forward
  • Fall correctly

Avoid a fall - SEE HERE > 

If you are stuck at home with the kids and building snowmen gets old, check out our family hub for ideas to do at home.


Weather Warnings Colours Explained

Met Eireann issues Weather Warnings to help protect lives - below is what these could mean for you at times of severe weather . 

Orange Warnings 

 What to expect 

  • Fallen Trees
  • Travel Disruption 
  • Possible power cuts

What to do 

  • Postpone any planned trips
  • Make alternative plans for work or other commitments 

Red Warnings 

 What to expect 

  • Widespread damage /disruption
  • Poor road conditions 

What to do 

  • Expect severe disruptions to power and travel
  • Plan to stay indoors during the storm 
  • Follow our trips above and in our blogs