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Discover the Benefits of Multi Trip Annual Travel Insurance

With AIG's Annual Multi-Trip travel insurance you don’t have to stay in one place this year to have complete peace of mind. Travel all you like for a year with one multi-trip travel insurance policy from AIG starting from €26.41.*

*Price of €26.41 is based on an individual aged 18-54 holding Private Health Insurance which provides medical cover whilst abroad on a European Budget policy. Example correct as of 01/09/2017.

Travel Further For Less

Travel Further For Less

With one payment up front for a year's worth of travelling you can enjoy multiple-trips without the price of multiple policies.

Cover Levels To Suit You

Cover Levels To Suit You

AIG offer 3 types of Travel cover with optional additions to ensure that we have a policy to match your needs.

24 Hour Emergency Assistance

24 Hour Emergency Assistance

Our 24/7 emergency service can liaise with doctors, hospitals and guarantee medical charges in a medical emergency.

What is Multi-Trip Travel Insurance?


By taking out annual holiday insurance multi-trip insurance with us, you'll be covered no matter how many times you decide to travel in the next year. So, if you're planning on taking more than one trip in the next 12 months, an annual holiday insurance policy may be the best travel insurance option for you. With annual travel insurance cover, cut out the additional costs and hassle of purchasing individual policies every time you need to travel. And, you can even choose to tailor your multi-trip travel insurance cover to reflect your personal travel preferences - with Budget, Premier and Premier Plus options.

Mutli-Trip Travel Insurance

Your Cover Level, Your Choice

Budget Travel Insurance

∙ Coverage for up 31 days per trip

∙ Up to €2,000,000 in medical expenses

∙ Personal baggage up to €500

∙ Up to €1,000 for cancelling your trip

Premier Plus Travel Insurance

∙ Coverage for up 60 days per trip

∙ Up to unlimited medical expenses

∙ Personal baggage up to €2,500

∙ Up to the final cost for cancelling your trip

∙ Up to €500 in travel delay cover

∙ Up to €500 uninhabitable accomodation cover

∙ Include home help and pet care cover

Premier Travel Insurance

∙ Coverage for up 45 days per trip

∙ Up to €5,000,000 in medical expenses

∙ Personal baggage up to €2,000

∙ Up to €5,000 for cancelling your trip

∙ Up to €300 in travel delay cover

∙ Up to €500 in uninhabitable accomodation


You can find a full summary of the different benefits offered here.

Our three annual multi trip travel Insurance options have trip duration limits. We will cover you to travel as many times as you like within the period of insurance, provided no single trip lasts longer than the allocated days. As an added benefit of purchasing our annual multi trip travel Insurance, you get ski & winter sports insurance for free, for up to 17 days of activities within the period of insurance.

Why AIG Multi-Trip Travel Insurance?

If you're planning on travelling throughout the year, remembering to buy insurance can be a chore. With AIG Annual Multi-Trip travel insurance you'll no longer need to worry about it. Our easily understood policies remove the hassle of travelling throughout the year letting you make the most of your travels. Simply select Annual Multi-Trip when getting your quote.

Protection throughout the year

Protection throughout the year

Along with 24/7 emergency assistance, you save money on multiple trips by taking out a policy for the full year 

No More Medical Worries

No More Medical Worries

If you end up in hospital while abroad, you can claim up to €2,000,000 in medical expenses or more with Premier or Premier Plus Cover.

Free Ski & Winter Sports Cover

Free Ski & Winter Sports Cover

 With our Multi-Trip policy you qualify for free Ski and Winter Sports insurance for up to 17 days of within the year.

Optional Extras

Similar to our Single Trip travel insurance cover we can offer a range of optional extras which can be added to your multi trip travel insurance including golf cover, business travel cover, Volcanic Ash and Natural Catastrophe cover.

We’ve recently developed an innovative Volcanic Ash and Natural Catastrophe product option in an effort to ease the stress and worry that has come with recent natural disasters and disruptions due to volcanic ash and hurricanes. This cover option can be purchased on any multi trip insurance policy for an additional premium and helps provide you with further peace of mind when travelling. See our policy document for full details of this cover.


It's important to know...

Our products are available for Republic of Ireland residents only.

You must be 18 years or over to purchase a policy.

Upper age limits may apply, depending on the product selected.

Our insurance policies do not cover pre-existing medical conditions, or travel to or through Afghanistan, Cuba, Liberia and Sudan, or countries where the Department of Foreign Affairs have allocated  a security status of 'avoid non-essential travel' or 'do not travel'. Other exclusions and conditions may apply so please check the Policy Wording for details.


Do you have a question?

You can find a list of our most frequently asked questions on our FAQ page. Otherwise you can contact our Travel team between 9am - 5pm on 1800 344 455.

If you need help with your existing policy or are looking to renew, you can find all your relevant information on our Existing Customers page.

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