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About Second Opinion Services

If your child is insured under our Pupil Protector cover, parents are eligible for a benefit that will give them an additional level of protection and peace of mind regarding their children’s health. Our unique Medical Second Opinion Service gives parents of all children insured under Pupil Protector access to some of the top medical specialists around the world who can confirm a diagnosis and treatment or suggest alternative forms of treatments. As the parent of a child insured under Pupil Protector, our service will provide you with a Medical Second Opinion for any new medical condition that your child is diagnosed with by a consultant while cover is in force.

We have renowned doctors to help you when you need it.

In many cases, the Medical Second Opinion will confirm the initial diagnosis or suggest only minor changes to your child’s treatment strategy, you will have the reassurance that the diagnosis and treatment being proposed for your child is not only correct but will be verified as correct by medical specialists recognized as international authorities in their field.


How it works?

The Medical Second Opinion service is made possible through technology called Telemedicine. Telemedicine is a system through which medical files are transmitted instantly around the world using innovative and sophisticated communication technologies, including medical internet applications. This enables medical specialists thousands of miles away at a world renowned hospital to review your child’s medical information and provide a high quality Medical Second Opinion without you having to leave your home.


What if I want to avail of this service for my child?

Once you have decided to use the Medical Second Opinion service, you should contact our team and provide details of your child’s medical consultant. They will then contact your consultant and request your child’s files which will then be sent to the appropriate centre of excellence for a Medical Second Opinion.

0044 207 486 2300


How much does it cost?

As your child is insured under Pupil Protector most costs and services will be free to you. In many cases it will not be necessary to visit the Second Opinion offices which are based in London, however if the Second Opinion Medical Director believes it necessary, then the cost of the first consultation will be covered. Transportation and accommodation or subsequent consultations will not be covered.


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Note: This is a brief summary of the service available. For full details you should contact AIG Europe Limited. Terms and conditions apply