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Everyday Accident Insurance

With Accident Insurance, AIG offers benefits to help you if you have been injured as a result of an accident with cash paid directly to you and for you to use any way you want to. Our cover is designed to give you financial aid and can work as a supplemental insurance to help with what your health insurance plan might not cover.



The Unexpected Happens

You are running a bit late for work and have a nasty fall.


You are taken to the Hospital

You are assessed in A&E and following an X-Ray it looks like you've broken your leg.


AIG are there for you

You know your cover pays you directly and you can use the cash on whatever you need.


Your claim is settled quickly

Your claim is processed quickly and you've gotten some comfort knowing AIG have your back.

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Supplemental Cover

Covering Health Insurance Gaps

Unlike Health Insurance, our policy pays you directly in the case of an injury from an accident.

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A Financial Boost When You Can't Work

With our accident insurance you get a lump sum based on your injuries such as fractures or breaks.

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How could a broken leg affect you financially?


In Ireland, the average cost of a broken leg is €485 without any physiotherapy. [1]

Your Health Insurance will typically cover €80 of this. With Accident Insurance from €6.55 a month, you could get up to €815 cash in hand to cover to use on whatever you need to use it on as well as up to €150 for 5 physiotherapy sessions.[2]

Affordable Cover

Weekly coverage as low as a box of adhesive bandages.[3]


Our Customer's Say...

Excellent. Brilliant. None better...

"I would recommend AIG to anyone very helpful and friendly staff and great deals as well"

- Gwen, April 2019

Your safety net shouldn't break the bank


Your Policy Benefits With AIG Accident Cover

Unlike health insurance, our accident insurance policy is designed to pay you directly for any accident so you can use the benefit however you like. You'll be covered 24 hours a day; at home, at work or abroad (up to 180 days). Help pay for taxis to and from hospital, pay off bills while you are off work, adapt your home to help you live independently after your injury, or to take a holiday to get over your accident.


You're cover includes these benefits...

Your PA Benefits

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If you’re a Republic of Ireland resident and aged between 18-74 your acceptance for AIG Accident Insurance is guaranteed. Terms and conditions available to persons outside this criteria. Some exclusions apply so please read our policy booklet to find out more.


Accident Policy Vs Health Insurance

Health vs Accident Insurance

So you broke your leg...

Accident insurance is paid on top of any health insurance benefit and is for you to spend any way you like.

Health Insurance

Cover your hospitalisation and any costs associated with your hospital bill.

Personal Accident

Cash paid directly to you. Cover a few days from work, pay for taxis, you decide.


Am I covered all the time?

You are covered 24 hours a day for 365 days of the year. Your cover is for accidents no matter where they take place, as long as you are not living outside the Republic of Ireland for more than 180 days. There are some exclusions that and some reduced coverages to be aware of though and you should read these in our policy wording before purchasing. Some things you are covered for might come as a nice surprise...


Winter Sports Cover

Skiing and Winter Sports

You're covered as long as not doing so on a professional or semi-professional basis.

Horse Riding

Amateur Sports

You're covered as long as not doing so on a professional or semi-professional basis.

Horse Riding

Horse Riding

You're covered as long as not doing so on a professional or semi-professional basis.

Motorbike Riding

Motor Biking

You should note all benefits are reduced by 50% for accidents whilst riding a motorbike.



If you need any clarity on the covers provided for each of these, please refer to section 6 of our policy booklet.



Data Sources & Qualifiers

[1] €484.66 based on an admission fee of €100 and 1 overnight stay in a public hospital at a rate of €80 and two missed day of work at €152.33 per day based on average weekly wage from the CSO. Source: Charges | CSO Earnings

[2] €6.55 & benefits based on our standard plan; with a pay-out of €750 for the fracture of the leg and €65 for 1 night's hospitalisation. €150 physiotherapy based on 5 sessions with a max pay-out of €30 per session. See our policy summary for our table of benefits.

[3] €1.51 a week based on a standard policy premium of €78.60 a year vs €2.69 for 20 pack of plasters. Correct as of April 2019.

[4] Broken leg benefits based on an Adult benefit. €3.22 a week based on a standard whole family policy premium of €167.40 a year. Correct as of April 2019.

Note: Our products are available for Ireland residents only. You must be 18 years or over to purchase a policy. Cover is available up to the age of 74 and for children from 6 months to 18 years old or 23 if they are in full time education.