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XLNTdriver - App Privacy Notice


1.    Summary:

As explained in the XLNTdriver Terms, Your use of the XLNTdriver App involves the transmission of certain information to Us. Some of this information will be 'Personal Information'. We are the data controllers of such Personal Information.


Information about how AIG uses your information and your rights as a data subject can be found at  In addition, We set out below some specific information about how the XLNTdriver App uses Your information.


Where you have consented on downloading of the App, we will send you information about our other products and services that might be of interest to you.


2.    Key Terms


App – The XLNTdriver application including any updates, new versions or new releases of the App downloaded to Your Mobile Device which records Data and transmits it to Us.


Data – the information we collect from Your Mobile Device related to driving behaviour.  This includes the time, date, phone status (i.e. in use or being moved) and identity, network state, your location as defined by GPS co-ordinates, the battery state and accelerometer information for each journey where the App has recorded such Data.


Personal Information – Any information about or in relation to you, including the information you enter into the App in order to register including, Policy no. Name, Date of birth, E-mail Address and a password,


The Floow – The Floow Limited, a company registered in England with company number 07968005 with its registered office at Oxo House, Joiner Street, Sheffield, S3 8GW.


We/Us/Our – AIG Europe S.A., Ireland branch office has its registered branch office at 30 North Wall Quay, International Financial Services Centre, Dublin 1, D01 R8H7, and branch registration number 908876. AIG Europe S.A. Ireland branch is regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland for conduct of business rules. 


You/Your – A user who has downloaded the XLNTdriver app for the purpose of taking out XLNTdriver car insurance.


Your Mobile Device – the mobile device onto which the XLNTdriver App is downloaded and installed.


3.    Use of the XLNTdriver App


The App was developed for Us by a third party called "The Floow". Data will be collected through the App and provided to Us and to The Floow who are our data processor in the delivery of the App.  In addition to being used to provide the App, Data will also be used by The Floow for research purposes. However, this information will be done on anonymous basis so that you are not identifiable from any information used.    


It is very important that you read this section so that you understand how We and The Floow use the information collected by the App on registration and once you have By downloaded and activated the App on Your Mobile Device.


Whilst you are a customer under a XLNTdriver policy you must keep the App on your Mobile device.  If you no longer wish the App to collect your information please contact us to discuss your policy.


What data is captured by the App?


Following activation of the App, Data will be captured from Your Mobile Device regarding your driving style. This will include braking, accelerating, cornering, location, distance, route travelled and time of day.


We will encrypt (securely scramble) the Data when this is being transferred from Your Mobile Device to Us and the Floow.


An electronic Data feed will translate the GPS (location) co-ordinates from the App to a specific location which will provide detail regarding the road type and speed limit of the road You are driving on at any specific time. This information will be used to build up a profile of Your driving.


Appsee Analytics Service


In addition, a third party called Appsee may collect and store certain data about your activity in this App and track touch gestures, scrolling activity and user interaction activity. We are using the information collected by Appsee Analytics Service to understand the user behavior and improve the user experience in this application.


This App does not use Appsee to collect any of your Personal information. Appsee does not track your activity across applications which do not use Appsee Analytics Service. For more information, see the Privacy Policy for information collected by Appsee Analytics Service available at


4.    How will we use the data collected from the App?


We will use the Data collected by the App for the purpose of assessing driving behaviour and to provide insurance policies which reflect, and are assessed on, driving behaviour. We may combine this with our more traditional rating factors.


Your Personal Information and the Data, will be used by Us for the following purposes:


  • To determine whether you are eligible for a % discount off your premium as determined in any literature We have provided as part of Your policy of insurance.
  • To help Us understand safe driving behaviours which We will use to develop the underwriting of Our motor insurance policies and to inform Our development of similar products.
  • To help prevent and detect fraud.


The legal justification for Our use of this information for these purposes is that it is needed to perform Our contract with you.


In addition, where our fraud prevention and detection activities reveal "sensitive personal data" e.g. evidence of unlawful behaviour our legal basis will be that it is in the substantial public interest to detect and prevent unlawful acts.


We will retain your Personal Information and Data in accordance with the retention periods set out in the AIG Privacy Policy which is available at In most cases this will mean Data and Personal Information collected through the App is retained for 7 years from when you cease to use the App


Other than Personal Information, which is covered under our Privacy Policy, this Privacy Notice and the Terms, any material you transmit or post to the App shall be considered non-confidential and non-proprietary. We do not have any obligations with respect to such materials. We shall be free to copy, disclose, distribute, incorporate and otherwise use such material and all data, images, sounds, text and other things embodied therein for any and all commercial or non-commercial purpose.


Last Issued : June 2018