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AIG XLNTdriver is a free Smartphone App used in conjunction with our car insurance. It is used to record your journeys and provides you with a visual representation of your journeys, together with a score. The overall score allows you to gain an improved discount on your car insurance.

Downloading, installing and using AIG XLNTdriver is not evidence of a car insurance policy. You will still need to refer to your Motor Insurance Certificate as evidence of a current and valid car insurance policy.

The App is free to download. You can only use the app when you take out an XLNTdriver car insurance policy with AIG.

No. You need either an iPhone or an Android phone.  For the iPhone, it needs to be a 3GS or later, and for Android, it needs to be on version 2.2 (Froyo) or later. For Android you will also need to ensure that your phone is a smartphone and is able to use the in-built GPS.

No, the App’s performance shouldn’t be dependent on which network you are with.

You can download AIG XLNTdriver from the Google Play Store and the Apple iTunes Store. Follow the links that we have provided to you for easy access to the pages required.

If this is the first time you have used the AIG XLNTdriver App you will need to create your account. To do this tap on the “create a new account”. Input your email address, a password (minimum of 8 characters and to include at least one number), the policy number and the car registration. Select whether or not you are the policyholder. Make sure that you have read and accepted our Terms and Conditions and then click create account. You can then login using those details.

No. Once you have logged in AIG XLNTdriver will keep you logged in. However, you must continue to use the app for the duration of your insurance policy. 

Yes, simply download and install the AIG XLNTdriver App on your new phone and use the original email address associated with AIG XLNTdriver App to sign in again. If you have forgotten the password you used when you first registered you can get the password reset using the in-App feature. Please remember to ensure that your old phone is completely reset to factory conditions before disposing of it.


Once you’ve installed the AIG XLNTdriver App, it works in the background. Just take your phone with you and make sure your GPS is switched on. If your GPS is switched off you will receive a notification to remind you to activate your GPS. It will record your journey every time you exceed a distance of 0.8 Km and reach a speed of at least 8Km/h, so it doesn’t matter what car you are in.

We have enabled auto start/stop by default. We recommend that you retain the auto start/stop function of the AIG XLNTdriver App. This means that when you go on a journey you don’t have to interact with your phone to start/stop recording journeys.

No but running any App consumes power. As your phone will also be using GPS it means that your battery will be draining quicker than normal. While you don’t need to use a charger, using a car charger is often a convenient way to stay powered.

The App continues to record your journey while you deal with a phone call. Please remember it is an offence under the Road Traffic Acts to hold your mobile phone while driving. Use appropriate equipment (Bluetooth or Hands-Free) if you must answer your phone call.

If you are not driving and your journey has been recorded then you can tell us via the App. Go into the specific journey and click on “modify this journey”. This allows you to tell us how you undertook the journey. Select the appropriate method (passenger, train, bus, etc.) and then click “save”. 

If you are having difficulties using the AIG XLNTdriver App or require any further information then you can contact us at In the first instance if the App is not functioning, or you have any general issues with your phone, we suggest that you power off and on your phone. We can only provide support for the AIG XLNTdriver App and suggest that you contact your phone manufacturer or network provider if the issue is not specific to our AIG XLNTdriver App.

We have used the latest technologies to enable us to bring you the automated start/stop. We are using this to determine when you are “on the move”. There are a number of conditions that affect when your journey will start and end. We know that this means that part of your journey may be missing but that is OK. We analyse your driving behaviours and then use those details to provide you with your overall score, so whilst 100% of every journey would be ideal, your entire journey isn’t necessary for us to score your driving behaviour.

We don’t expect you to remember your phone for every journey you undertake. Missing the occasional journey will not greatly affect your overall score. We require you to complete a minimum of 500Kms in the first 90 days of your policy. This then allows us to reward you based upon your overall score. You should continue using the App all the time we provide you with car insurance.

On occasions due to circumstances beyond all controls the AIG XLNTdriver App may not have recorded a journey. We analyse your driving behaviours and then use those details to provide you with your overall score, so whilst every journey would be ideal, all of your journeys aren’t necessary for us to score your driving behaviour. However, it this is a persistent issue check that GPS is enabled on your phone before you report it to us by email to so we can investigate it for you.


A score between 0 – 100 is representative of how you drive. Your driving behaviours are compared to that of an advanced driver and you are scored accordingly. A better score shows how more closely your driving behaviours reflect that of an advanced driver and vice versa. As well as having an overall score, your score will also be categorized into four different categories which are: Smooth Driving, Mobile Usage, Speed and Time Component.

Driving sensibly to suit the conditions of the road; setting up your car’s speed to anticipate junctions, turns and what other road users might do; avoid excessive speeding; These will help lead to a better score.

Some further tips are:

  • Try and avoid braking hard. Sometimes it can’t be helped but gentle braking shows good anticipation of traffic flows.
  • Try and avoid accelerating hard. 
  • Drive within the posted speed limits. Besides being illegal, driving above the speed limit will be detrimental to your score.
  • Drive in pace with other traffic. Leave yourself adequate distance from the vehicle in front to provide you with more time to react to changing conditions.
  • Drive Safely. Research has shown that driving well is synonymous with driving safely. Being a safe driver will increase your score.
  • Above all, drive safely and in accordance with the rules of the road.

We will not apply any increased premium based upon your score. We do, however, reward good driving based upon the overall score you attain.

We will give you up to 20% discount off your premium based on your driving behaviour, on top of any other discount that we may offer from time to time, for just using the AIG XLNTdriver App. We then look at your score 90 days after the policy inception and based upon that score (and subject to a minimum number of journeys and travelled distance of 500Kms) we may give you an extra discount. The discount is applied to the original premium at policy inception. A score of 0-70 gives an extra discount of 0%, a score of 71-85 gives an extra discount of 5% and a score of 86-100 gives an extra discount of 15%. All discounts are subject to you using the AIG XLNTdriver App on a regular basis. It is also subject to the Terms and Conditions as updated from time to time. Our decision regarding any discount offered is final in all cases and no correspondence will be entered into.

  Extra Discount Total Discount

Score 0-70

0% 5%

Score 71-85

5% 10%

Score 86-100

15% 20%

All discounts are subject to you using the AIG XLNTdriver App on a regular basis throughout the policy period. It is also subject to the Terms and Conditions as updated from time to time. Our decision regarding any discount offered is final in all cases and no correspondence will be entered into. Your Road Traffic Act Certificate will be sent to you when you have downloaded and continue to use the app.

Based upon your score at day 300 following your policy inception date we may provide you a discount on your renewal premium at your car insurance policy renewal date to continue using the AIG XLNTdriver App. If you do not use the App during the period your policy is in force we may apply a default score which may not entitle you to a discount.


All discounts are subject to you using the AIG XLNTdriver App on a continuous basis. It is also subject to the Terms and Conditions you have accepted. Our decision regarding any discount offered is final in all cases and no correspondence will be entered into 

We do not investigate an individual score. We use the overall score to calculate any displayed discounts. The overall score takes account of minor incidents that may have occurred on individual journeys and provides an overall picture of your driving behaviours over a period of time. Our decision is final in all cases and no correspondence will be entered into.


Once the App is activated, data will be collected to analyze your driving style. This includes the time, date, phone status (i.e. in use or being moved) and identity, network state, your location as defined by GPS co-ordinates, the battery state and accelerometer information. This information will be used to build up a profile of how, where and when your vehicle is being driven.

We also use Appsee Analytics Service whhich may collect and store certain data about your activity in this app and track touch gestures, scrolling activity and user interaction activity. This application does not use Appsee to collect any of your personally identifiable information. Appsee does not track your activity across applications which do not use Appsee Analytics Service. For more information, see the Privacy Policy for information collected by Appsee Analytics Service (available at

We will analyze the data we collect to build a picture of driving behaviours. We hope to use this data to reward our customers with better and cheaper insurance. We may contact you in the event of a serious incident to determine if you require any assistance For more details, please refer to the Terms & Conditions.

We are using the information collected by Appsee Analytics Service (see above under 'What data are you going to collect') to understand the user behavior and improve the user experience in this application.

Only AIG and The Floow, the provider of the App, will have access to your driving information. For full details, please refer to the Terms & Conditions.

We will not share your personal data with any other party, except where we are legally obligated to do, or where you, our customer, has given us your consent. 

AIG will take appropriate technical, physical, legal and organizational measures to keep your data secure, which are consistent with applicable privacy and data security laws.

The size of the memory and space required in order to operate the AIG XLNTdriver App will vary depending on the phone that you have. When installed the App will use approximately 12Mb of storage for Android and 21Mb of storage for IOS. There is also a requirement that you have sufficient storage space in order to save and transmit the journey data. You will also require temporary storage space for downloading and displaying journey and score data. This will vary depending on the type and amount of data required to show your data.

A typical daily commute journey of one hour each way uses about the same amount of space as a digital photo (approximately 2.3Mb). In order to protect your data it is deleted from your mobile phone after transmission. 

If your phone is low on space it will more than likely affect not just the AIG XLNTdriver App but how your phone works overall. We suggest that you consult with your phone manufacturer or network provider for details of how to clear down unused applications and/or move data to another device(s) in order to have more space available on your phone.

The App will send data throughout your journey. If it can’t, then it will save it and send the journey data next time you connect to either a 3G/4G mobile network or via Wi-Fi. Network data costs will vary by network, but may be covered by many contracts. We are not responsible for any data charges that you may incur for using the AIG XLNTdriver App. Please consult your own network data provider for advice regarding any costs that may be incurred. If you like, data transmission restrictions can be applied in Preferences to restrict data uploads to Wi-Fi only.