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SmartLane is the latest, FREE telematics app from AIG Ireland that any driver can use. The SmartLane app gives you real-time feedback on your driving and rates how well you are driving through a score out of 100. The higher your score the safer you drive. Higher scores could also earn you discounts on AIG Car Insurance. Download the free app today and give it a try.



The SmartLane app and icon for the app stores


Download the app from the App Store or Google Play. Once downloaded and installed, you will need to register using your basic personal information. After you've registered the app will automatically detect when you're in a vehicle and record your journeys.  

Drive over 1000km


In order to qualify for the SmartLane Challenge you will need to drive for at least 1000km over 60 days. It's absolutely fine if you drive more than 1000km in the 60 days. The app will notify you when you're halfway there and when you complete the challenge.

Master the challenge


Keep track of your driving throughout the challenge by monitoring the five driving criteria that make up your score and use this information to learn how to improve various aspects of your driving. Completing the challenge could earn you a 20% discount off AIG Car Insurance. See here for terms.


Learn More About Telematics




SmartLane scoring and what it means


A score between 0 – 100 is representative of how you drive. Your driving behaviour is compared to that of an advanced driver and you are scored accordingly. A better score shows how closely your driving behaviour reflects that of an advanced driver and vice versa. As well as having an overall score, your score will also be categorised into five different categories which are: Smooth Driving, Journey Length, Mobile Usage, Speed and Time Component.

  Passed Merit Distinction Master
Score: 75 - 79  80 - 84
85 - 89
Save: 5% 10% 15% 20%

If you pass the SmartLane challenge the AIG discount offered will be valid for 12 months and guaranteed against an AIG Deluxe policy. If you are under 27 years of age, you may be offered an AIG BoxClever policy instead.




SmartLane was designed specifically for those with proven safe driving behaviour. Good candidates for SmartLane are drivers who have at least 1 year of claims-free driving, and possess a full Irish licence.





SmartLane was designed specifically for those with proven safe driving behaviour. Good candidates for SmartLane are drivers who have at least 1 year of claims-free driving, and possess a full Irish licence.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The Basics

SmartLane is AIG’s new telematics app and was built for those who want to see how well they drive and to try and improve their driving behaviour. Good candidates for SmartLane are drivers who have at least 1 year of claims-free driving, and possess a full Irish licence. Since the SmartLane Challenge is tied to your mobile device, SmartLane is best for customers who primarily drive their own car.

The SmartLane Challenge is a way for us to reward safe drivers for driving safely.

To complete the Challenge, you need to have the SmartLane app installed and tracking, and drive at least 1000km over the course of 60 days. You earn discounts on our Car Insurance policy if you manage to score over 75 after you complete the challenge.

To get started on the SmartLane Challenge simply download the app from your devices app store. The challenge will begin once you've registered on the app. The app links are provided near the top of the page.

Unlike the XLNTdriver Telematics App, SmartLane does not require you to purchase an insurance policy to use it. XLNTdriver offers a small upfront discount when you buy your policy and then offers a further discount to safe drivers when they renew. SmartLane however, let's you drive before taking out any policy with us and allows you to earn a discount with us when you are looking to buy insurance within the next 12 months. You can learn more about AIG's Telematics products here.

Your Score

Your score is reported in real-time on the app. You’ll receive an in-app update at the midpoint (500km / 30 days) and at the end (1000km / 60 days) of the SmartLane Challenge. The 1000km threshold ensures that we have an accurate reflection of your driving behaviour. 

If you’d like to request your score at a given date, you can check your app at any time.

Your SmartLane score ranges from 0-100. A higher number means your driving behaviour mirrors that of an advanced driver and vice versa. Your score consists of 5 components:

  • Smooth Driving measures your acceleration/deceleration which reflects your ability to drive smoothly and anticipate traffic flow.
  • Mobile Usage measures your phone interaction (e.g. moving it around, pressing buttons) which indicates distraction, a major factor in many accidents.
  • Speed measures your speed in relation to other cars in the area; speeds just over a speed limit score slightly worse than speeds just under a speed limit.
  • Time Component scores the time of day of your trip. The time of day your trip is taken is measured against the overall crash risk for that hour.
  • Time On Task scores the risk of fatigue of your trip. Your risk of fatigue is increased during long journeys and road requiring little driver interaction (e.g. motorways).

To improve your score, avoid things like harsh braking, driving too fast, texting or making phone calls, and driving long distances without breaks.

If you have finished the SmartLane challenge with a score of 75 or above you will have successfully completed the SmartLane challenge and will be eligible for a discount of AIG Direct Car Insurance. This will be sent to you as a Promo Code via email and will be valid for 12 months from the day you finished the challenge. Simply enter the code on our Quotation Screen to have the discount applied.

Tech Stuff

As long as you have signed in and your phone’s data and location settings are on, your app will be running. You can always check your app to see your recorded journeys. If you don’t have any journeys or encounter any issues, please contact us at

The app’s algorithm is designed to determine if you’re on a train, biking, walking, on a boat or on an airplane so these journeys shouldn’t be reflected in your score. SmartLane is intended for people who are driving their own car the majority of the time and it will also record journeys you take as a motor vehicle passenger. You can always mark these journeys as not your own in the app. We’d recommend that you drive your own car the majority of the time until you complete the SmartLane Challenge to get the most accurate score.

Besides your name and email address, SmartLane tracks the car journeys you take. The data can only be accessed by you, AIG and the Floow (developers of the app).  AIG takes your privacy very seriously. Please see our privacy statement for more information.


Have a Question?

You can find a list of our most frequently asked questions on our FAQ above. Otherwise you can contact our customer service team between 9am - 6pm on 1890 27 27 27.




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*Terms & Conditions:

20% discount is subject to you receiving a score of 90 or more during the SmartLane Challenge which requires you to drive over 1,000km in 60 days. Discounts of 5%, 10% and 15% are applied for lower scores. For more information please see the scoring section above. The discount will be provided via email within 14 days of completion and will be a unique promo code that is valid for an AIG Direct Car Insurance Policy and for a period of 12 months. If you are under 27 you may be offered a discount on an AIG BoxClever policy.