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Are you under 27 and looking for good value and affordable Car Insurance?

AIG BoxClever understands each driver is unique and that no two drivers drive the same. We believe that insurance can be safer, fairer and simpler with the help of telematics techonology. We want you to get a cheaper quote and give you the chance to drive well and get rewarded too.

Our telematics device can be fitted to your car free of charge and can measure your driving patterns. The safer you drive, the more kilometres you will be rewarded enabling you to stay in the driver's seat for longer. 

Only 4 Simple Steps to Savings

1.  Select a set number of Kilometres

Box Clever Kilometres

When purchasing your AIG BoxClever policy select the Kilometres you estimate you'll be driving.

2.  Get the AIG BoxClever device fitted out of sight in your car.

Car to Fit

Free and easy to install.

3.  Hit the road while AIG BoxClever monitors your driving.

Evening Driving

The information received is used to help you drive safer and reduce your insurance costs. 

4.  Good drivers get rewarded

Girl Happy Driving

The higher you score the more "Kilometres" you can receive.


Why AIG BoxClever is the right choice for you:

Tickbox 1

   If your car is stolen it can be found with AIG BoxClever's Theft tracking device.        

Tickbox 2

      Benefit from an accident alert system, to help you keep safe following an accident.     

Tickbox 3

Make a claim easily and at anytime with  AIG BoxClever's 24/7 dedicated Irish claims line.

Tickbox 4

Car in for repair? A courtesy car will be provided while the repairs are being completed.


Important Information & Policy Documents

  • Our products are available for Ireland residents only.
  • You must be 17 years or over to purchase a policy.
  • You can find a copy of our terms of business here

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Safe, secure and trusted by you

We are proud of our achievements and want you to know that you can rely on us to offer the best service we can in a safe and secure way that's trusted around the globe.

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