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Should I buy car hire excess this summer?

Date Published 06.07.2018

Should I buy car hire excess this summer? | AIG Ireland

There is so much to be bought and paid for in the run up to a holiday abroad. Car hire excess is often left to the end of a long list. If you are reading this the night before you leave, it isn’t too late to save yourself an unwanted bill at the end of your trip away.

What is car hire excess?

Car hire excess is the amount you are liable to pay if your rental car is damaged or stolen before insurance cover kicks in. In Ireland, we typically pay from €150-€500 in excess depending on the type of car insurance you have. However, when renting a car abroad your excess could be between €500- €2000. This is where car hire excess cover comes in. This insurance protects you from these fees if the car is stolen or damaged.

Do I have to have car hire excess? 

You don’t have to get it but it helps you to avoid an unexpected cost at the end of your holiday, when you may be low on funds. Many rental companies will try to sell car excess insurance at your destination but it is usually more expensive than buying it before you leave and it may not always cover all parts of the car.

Renting a car can be expensive as it is, especially if you have to rent car seats for little ones or a GPS to find your way round, so protect yourself from unexpected costs and check out our 7 Expensive Car Rental Mistakes to Avoid before heading away.


Why choose Car Hire Excess with AIG? 

When buying car hire excess you can choose a daily or annual rate depending on how often you rent cars abroad. With AIG we charge as little as 14c a day for car hire excess cover, we also offer:

Free personal accident coverage up to €40,000

Cover for up to 5 named drivers

Cover for fire, theft, vandalism and any personal items or keys.

Get a quick quote and find out all the benefits of getting car hire excess this summer.

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