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How to Prevent Leaking Pipes

Date Published 17.12.2019
Topic Home Insurance

 Prevent Leaking Pipes

Pipe bursts and leaks can occur at any time during the cold season and have detrimental effects including flooding, water damage and mould. Your piping is also under additional pressure in winter when the heating is being used. Whether you have a leaky tap or are hearing some strange noises coming from your pipes, it won’t take long for minor issues to become major issues that cost a lot to repair.

It’s important to take preventative measures to help stop leaks from happening. Here are some tips of things you can do to avoid pipe leakage issues this winter:

1. Protect your pipes with insulation

Preparation and prevention are needed to avoid pipe leaks this winter. By protecting your pipes with insulation, you reduce the risk of any leakage issues. As the temperature drops your pipes begin to freeze and water expands when it freezes causing the pipe to burst.


2. Disconnect outdoor appliances 

Make sure that any hoses etc are disconnected during winter. The water left inside these appliances can freeze and cause a leak in your pipes. It’s best to shut off the valves attached to these appliances altogether. 


3. Have your boiler serviced 

Winter aside, your boiler needs to be serviced annually by an accredited plumber in order to run efficiently and keep your home warm. Without having your boiler checked, leaks can occur and cause costly repairs or a full breakdown.

4. Check your inside stop valve

Check that your inside stop valve can be opened and closed easily in the event of a leak. If you’re going to be away from your home this winter, you should consider turning it off and draining the system so that there is no water left in the pipes to freeze and cause leaks or other damage.


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How to Prevent Leaking Pipes This Winter
Make sure that any hoses etc are disconnected during winter. The water left inside these appliances can freeze and cause a leak in your pipes.

5. Fix any noticeable pipe leaks immediately 

Check around your home for any leaky taps, drips or puddles. It’s important to fix these things before they have a chance to get worse. You need everything to be in working order for winter.

6. Know the signs of pipe leakage issues

Watch out for the below signs of pipe leaks and act fast to fix them before the problem escalates.

Rise in utility bill costs

Unusual spikes in your utility bill are usually the first sign of a plumbing problem. 

Low water pressure

If your water pressure has noticeably decreased, it could be a sign of a leak.

Water damage

Any signs of water damage on your walls, ceilings or floors indicates a leak in your piping system. They are also risk areas for dampness, mould and mildew to appear. If left for too long, the damage caused can be extremely expensive to repair and mould / dampness can have a detrimental effect on your health. 

Structural damage

When water damage is left untreated it can cause structural damage to your home too.


If you’re noticing loud banging or flushing sounds coming from your pipes there may be an issue such as a damaged or collapsed pipe. 


Probably the most obvious sign of a pipe leakage issue, flooding is not something you want to encounter in your home. 


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Know the signs of a pipe leakage issue and be ready to fix things before they get out of hand. Ensure that your house isn’t under-insured this winter. Protecting your home and the things you love with AIG home insurance. Get an online home insurance quote from AIG today.


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