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5 Great Gifts for Car Lovers

Date Published 18.12.2017
Topic Car Insurance

5 Great Gifts for Car Lovers | AIG Ireland

Looking for a Christmas gift for the car lover in your life? It’s not too late, we have some great gifts that you can get easily in Ireland in plenty of time for Christmas. They are also the perfect gift for a birthday.


1. Dash mounted smart phone holder

This is the perfect stocking filler or Kris Kindle gift for a friend or colleague. Now that our phones have replaced Sat-Nav, and are sometimes the source of our driving soundtrack, having a phone holder is a great way to keep it close, but out of reach so it doesn’t interfere with your driving. Don’t know what model their phone is? No worries, there are lots of universal options available too.

2. Car seat covers

Help them give their car a quick and easy make over with a set of car seat covers. There are lots of choices, from universal covers to ones specifically for the make and model of their car. If you look hard enough, you may find ones from their favourite brand or film!

3.Cleaning kit 

If they really take pride in their car’s appearance and love to keep it shining, a cleaning kit could be the way to go. Let them get their ‘wax on, wax off’ karate practice in with a car cleaning kit. Or, if you know the products they like to use, make a personalised one including their favourites.

4. Emergency kit 

Although you hope they will never have to use it, an emergency car kit is a must for every car owner and could be the perfect gift for a new driver. Make sure they have everything they need to deal with a flat tire, battery or a breakdown. Particularly for winter driving, which is more dangerous than usual.

5.  Off read driving experience

Finally, if you are looking for an active gift for a car lover, consider a voucher for an off-road driving experience where they can put their driving skills to the test. There are regularly discounted options on Groupon or there are venues all over Ireland that offer vouchers so they can give it a go.

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