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Effort is Equal

Date Published 20.05.2019
Topic Sponsorship

Effort is Equal | AIG Ireland

Top Irish athletes gathered in the atmospheric Stella Theatre in Ranelagh for a fascinating sporting discussion at the launch of AIG's #EffortIsEqual campaign.

The unique event at the iconic Dublin venue was hosted by broadcaster Des Cahill and brought together some of the country's brightest male and female athletes to celebrate the campaign.

The lineup included leading amateur golfer Paula Grant, badminton stars Paul Reynolds and Sara Boyle and a host of GAA heroes including Dublin footballer Jonny Cooper and hurler Fintan McGibb.

They offered intriguing insights on their various sports to assembled guests following a special theatre screening of AIG's new #EffortIsEqual video which features Dublin ladies footballer Martha Byrne and Dublin hurler Eoghan O'Donnell.

AIG began its groundbreaking sponsorship of Dublin GAA, Dublin camogie and Dublin ladies football in 2013.

The #EffortIsEqual campaign recognises that the effort, commitment and dedication of male and female athletes is equal.

To mark the launch of this initiative, a new sponsorship was announced which will see AIG become the Official Insurance Partner of the Ladies Gaelic Football Association (LGFA).

Ladies footballers Eimear Scally (Cork), Niamh Carr (Donegal) and Megan Glynn (Galway) took part in the revealing Q&A, answering questions about their respective counties and their championship campaigns.

The addition of the LGFA to AIG's sponsorship portfolio strengthens the insurer's support for female sport and reflects the huge commitment of the players themselves to their codes.

Donegal footballer Carr opened up about the hectic personal schedule she commits to in order to answer her county's call, underlining how #EffortIsEqual regardless of gender.

"I'm in college doing a Masters Degree in UCD, I teach full-time as well in Blackrock in Dublin so I finish at 3.55pm on a Friday, go home, pack my suitcase, go into town and get a bus for the four-hour journey home to Donegal," said Carr.

"It's half an hour of a journey then to my family home. Then it's up on Saturday morning for training, up on Sunday morning for training and straight to the bus then to go back down to Dublin. I also travel up sometimes on a Wednesday, we travel as far as Omagh to get collective sessions in. Obviously I do my own gym work too. It's a big commitment but I wouldn't do it unless I loved it."

AIG's sponsorship portfolio also includes the Irish Ladies Golfing Union (ILGU) and the Golfing Union of Ireland (GUI).

And after coming on board as sponsor of the AIG Irish Open Tennis Championships in 2017, AIG continued its support for both male and female sports by becoming title sponsor of the AIG Forza Irish Badminton International last year.

Talented Tennis player Ammar Elamin attended the Stella Theatre event and spoke of his recent international success in Qatar.

"It was my first win on the ITF circuit, U-18s, and I was very happy about that," said Elamin, who revealed his ultimate ambition is to get to the very top in the game. "My goal is to be one of the top ATP players. It's very tough, there's a lot of difficult steps along the way. But it's my goal to get to the very highest level."

Experienced Dublin football defender Cooper recalled his Championship debut in 2012 and outlined the incredible effort it has taken him to become a five-time All-Ireland winner since then.

AIG Ireland's social channels will keep supporters up to date throughout the year with all the action from Dublin GAA and LGFA teams, the Irish Open Tennis Championship, Irish Open Badminton Championship and the AIG Cups and Shields.


Effort is Equal Image
Effort is Equal Image

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