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Dublin Ladies Gaelic Football Féile Q&A

Date Published 30.03.2017
Topic Sponsorship

Dublin Ladies Gaelic Football Féile Q&A

AIG Insurance will sponsor the 2017 Dublin Ladies Gaelic Football Féile competition for the third year in a row as part of its commitment to supporting Dublin clubs and communities. There are 66 teams competing in Féile this year across 9 divisions making it the biggest Féile organised by Dublin to date, with approximately 1,500 girls aged under fourteen and younger competing. The competition will kick off on Saturday, 1st April, with winners going on to represent Dublin at national Féile which takes place from June 23rd – 25th in Cavan, Fermanagh and Monaghan.   


In the lead up to the 2017 Dublin Ladies Gaelic Football Féile, AIG took time out with Senior Player, Lyndsey Davey for a Q&A. 


Name: Lyndsey Davey

Age: 27

Club: Skerries Harps

Position: Forward

Occupation: Firefighter

Year you played in Féile? 2002


What does Féile mean to you? It brings back some very fond memories. It would have been one of the biggest competitions that we entered at the time so there was a lot of excitement within the team.


Favourite memory/memories from Féile? All the fun I had with my teammates over the weekend. It was such an exciting time playing in the Féile. I remember we got new tracksuits for the competition and we thought we were only gorgeous!


Most difficult opponents in Féile and why? Fingallians were a tough opponent. They had a lot of girls that played on the Dublin team at the time, so they were very strong. They went on to compete in the competition at national level and as far as I can remember they got as far as the All-Ireland semi-final but unfortunately were narrowly defeated.

Lyndsey Davey at the Dublin Ladies Gaelic Football Féile

What’s the best aspect of competing in Féile? It’s an enjoyable weekend and if your club are lucky enough they can go on to represent their county at national level.


How do you think your club will get on this weekend? I hope they do well as they have put in a lot of effort in preparation for this weekend. Two weeks ago they organised a Féile type competition in Skerries so they could get use to playing a lot of games in one day. I hope their hard work pays off.


Advice to young kids playing this weekend? Enjoy the weekend and have lots of fun. Make sure to bring plenty of healthy snacks and water to fuel your body as it can be a very long day with lots of competitive games.

Dublin's Lyndsey Davey at the Ladies Gaelic Football Féile

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