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Covid-19 Premiums Rate Discount

Date Published 26.06.2020
Topic Car Insurance

Covid-19 Premiums Rate Discount

Motor Renewal Discount as a result of COVID 19.


In addition to the measures we have announced on our website supporting our customers through the COVID-19 pandemic, AIG is continuing to serve and support our customers, by passing the benefits of lower motor claims costs, arising from reduced driving activity during the COVID-19 lockdown through to our customers in the most appropriate ways, including a competitive motor quote at renewal.


AIG believes the most meaningful way to offer value to our customers is not by one-off rebates but through the renewal cycle. We are offering our customers a 4% discount on their premium at renewal. This applies to private car policies that fall for renewal with AIG between 1st August 2020 and 31st July 2021.


*Please note that this excludes specialty niche schemes.



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