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Consumer Attitudes To Insurance Claims

Date Published 04.11.2016
Topic Car Insurance

Consumer Attitudes To Insurance Claims

AIG has conducted an independent study  of 1000 consumers to establish their attitude towards insurance fraud, claims and the resulting compensation. The research was carried out by Ignite research with a nationally representative sample of consumers using the census results. 


Key findings show almost 3 in 4 consumers are unhappy with the compensation culture here in Ireland and a large number, 84%, of the total sample feel that it's the Government’s job to find a solution.


With premiums rising the feeling was that injury awards for consumers in Ireland are too high, with whiplash claim awards recommended at a minimum €15,700. (Book of Quantum – 2016 ). Interestingly the average award that the respondents felt would be adequate was almost a quarter of this figure at €3,631.


You can view the full infographic below along with other startling facts around false and exaggerated claims. View the press release here.


Infographic on Consumer attitudes to insurance claims

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