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AIG Launches genwhy Competition

Date Published 22.04.2016
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AIG Launches genwhy Competition | AIG Ireland

AIG, the world’s largest insurance company, has today launched its genwhy competition, an initiative aimed at discovering and rewarding the most creative minds amongst Ireland’s millennial generation. Through the genwhy competition, AIG is calling on Ireland’s Millennials to submit innovative ideas, concepts or projects to help AIG meet the ever-changing requirements and experiences of Ireland’s Millennials. This is the first competition of its kind, headed by AIG Global.


AIG genwhy seeks the most innovative minds in Ireland

  • genwhy Competition will present four lucky Millennials with the chance to win a paid fellowship with AIG in Ireland
  • The four winners of the fellowship will each earn €6,000 over an eight week period
  • The winners will be selected for four different fellowships across the four specific areas of ‘front end’, ‘social’, ‘partnerships’ and ‘data’
  • Millennials can enter the competition by submitting their idea, concept or innovation under the above the categories


Applications can be received across the four specific areas of the project.


Firstly, The Front End Challenge is looking for ideas around how insurance companies can provide online/mobile tools to enhance the lifestyle of Millennials in the areas of safety, health, wellness and financial stability.


The Social Challenge challenges Millennials to think about a full social media campaign to promote the same areas.


The Partnerships Challenge is the third bracket under which competition applicants can enter. It tasks entrants to look at ways in which AIG can partner with other companies to strengthen its relationship with Ireland’s Millennials.


Finally, The Data Challenge presents applicants with the task of analysing existing data pertaining to Irish Millennials, in the hope of developing better service offerings across the company.


Competition finalists will be selected to compete at the genwhy Summit in AIG Ireland offices in Dublin at the start of June. From this group, four overall winners across the four categories will be selected for the fellowships. The four successful candidates will earn a total of €6,000 each over the eight week period of the fellowship.

Aidan Connaughton, Head of Consumer Insurance of AIG Europe commented;

I am proud to announce the launch of the AIG genwhy Competition in Ireland. Insurance is a business that is continually evolving. As such, we see no better way to meet the needs of new and existing customers than providing those very people the chance to shape the insurance offerings and services of the future.

AIG rewards and promotes innovation and we see this competition as another exciting extension of this approach. We hope that genwhy proves as exciting an opportunity for Ireland’s most innovative and creative Millennials as it does for AIG Ireland.

Interested applicants can apply for the AIG genwhy competition at



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