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AIG’s guide to home improvement

Date Published 23.04.2016
Topic Home Insurance

AIG’s guide to home improvement | AIG Ireland

Making your home look and feel nicer is a great way to spend your time, with home improvements lasting a while and helping you make the space completely yours. But such renovations don't just look good, they can also help you save money in the long-run.


Energy-saving improvements will help to reduce the amount of money you are paying for electricity and gas over time, helping to minimise your bills. Many of them will also help to increase the worth of your property, which will be beneficial should you wish to sell in the future.

Here are some great home improvements you can make to future-proof your home and to yield immediate results:


Invest in a new boiler

While boilers aren't the most glamorous improvement that can be made to your home, they are a worthwhile one. Older boilers lose a lot of heat, which means it takes more energy to keep your heating on and your water hot.

Investing in a new, highly efficient boiler will cut the amount of energy you use and keep your home warmer. It will also improve the energy rating of your home, which will make it more attractive to prospective buyers.

You may also find that your new boiler is smaller than your current one, which can free up a fair bit of space that can be used for something else. 


Time to insulate!


Add loft insulation

A huge amount of heat is lost through your roof, so it is important that you insulate your loft correctly in order to reduce this. Not only will your home feel warmer, you'll also be spending less on your energy bills and not putting as much stress on your heating system.

Invest in loft insulation that is a minimum of 270mm thick to allow for maximum heat retention in your home. This will make winters a lot more comfortable and increase the value of your property.


Check wall insulation

As well as loft insulation, it could also pay to check what your options are for wall insulation. While not all properties are suited to cavity wall insulation, there are several options for wall insulation that will help to improve your home.

If you have an older property, you may find that your options are inside or outside solid wall insulation, both of which will reduce the amount of heat escaping your home - especially when coupled with loft insulation.


New windows will help keep the heat in.


Get some new windows

Not only do older windows start to look a bit worn, affecting how your house looks from inside and out, they also result in a lot of draughts as the seals age.

If your windows have been in place for years, you might want to consider replacing them with more energy-efficient alternatives. This includes new styles of windows like triple glazing, which reduce heat loss more than double glazing.

Windows that don't need to be replaced can be cleaned and have the seals filled to ensure there aren't any draughts, which will make your home look tidier and feel warmer.


Combat draughts

Draughts don't just occur due to old seals around your windows, they can happen around doors, under skirting boards and numerous other places. It is a good idea to check where draughts are coming from in your home and find a solution for them.

Not only will this make your home warmer and more comfortable, it could even change how you arrange your furniture, as you will no longer have to think about protecting people from draughts when they are relaxing on the sofa or lying in bed. Even small changes like adding a draught excluder to your letter box can make a big difference so it is worth investing in.


Small improvements can make a big difference to your home, both when you’re living in it and when you come to sell.



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