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8 Relaxed Family Activities

Date Published 26.04.2017
Topic Family Article

8 Relaxed Family Activities

As your family prefer to spend their time in more relaxed ways visiting museums, aquariums and out in the fresh air, we have created a list of chilled out activities you may not have thought of doing together:

1. Family yoga

Why not make yoga a family activity? If you practice yourself you may know how much children enjoy it, as they copy your poses beside you at home. Attend a family yoga class to make their practice both more fun and formal. A class will allow all of you to spend time together in a relaxed setting where you can reconnect as you are guided through yoga poses and relaxation techniques you can bring home with you!

2. Get lost in a maze

Finding your way out of a maze is a fun way to engage your brain while relaxing outdoors. Forget the world as you concentrate on navigating your way to the centre. Work together to decide which way to go and when to seek help if you are impossibly lost! There are mazes located in almost every county in Ireland so finding one nearby shouldn’t be a problem.

3. National Botanic Gardens

If you are based in the Dublin area (or visiting with your family), this a lovely, free family day out, especially during the summer when the flowers are in full bloom. Explore the warm palm houses, see if you can spot bananas or oranges growing on the tropical trees? Keep an eye out for the many squirrels who live in the gardens. If your family like to draw bring a sketchbook and pencils, it’s a great place to relax and take in the surroundings while recreating some of the beauty on paper.


4. Explore a cave

Caves are magical places to visit…beautiful rock formations often mixed with local stories and folklore make them a fascinating day out. Whether they were created by sea erosion or human beings, many have been an intrinsic part of the local communities for many years. It’s a brilliant way for an inquisitive family to find out more about geology and history.


explore a cave

5. Take a boat trip

There’s very little that is more relaxing than a trip on a boat (once the water is calm!). Luckily the rivers and lakes around Ireland provide lots of opportunity for leisurely cruising. If you take a tour, you will find out lots about the area you are passing and maybe spot some wildlife. If wildlife is your thing, Ireland’s Eye off the coast of Howth or boat tours off West Cork will not disappoint. For a gentle amble along a canal try a Leinster Aqueduct Cruise. If your family are big Star Wars fans a trip out to Skellig Michael, where some of the filming took place, could be just the ticket!


6. Imaginosity: Dublin Children’s Museum

Are your children curious about the world? If they are under 10, this may be the place for them! Filled with educationally designed interactive exhibits Imaginosity allows children explore and experiment in a way they can’t in the real world. Your little ones can weigh the post, cook you a ‘dinner’ in the diner and find car parts in the garage. It’s a fun day out where roles are reversed and they get to feel like ‘grown-ups’ while learning about the world around them.

7. Explore a forest

There is nothing like being surrounded by trees for a relaxed family day. Leave the real world behind and reconnect by exploring a nearby woodland. There are lots of trails to walk and trees to climb. If you are feeling a bit more energetic there are bike trails and canopy walks in some Irish forests to check out. If you have little ones, keep your eyes peeled for the increasing number of fairy villages popping up in forest parks around the country.


relaxed family on the couch

8. Cook and eat together

Hopefully you eat together regularly, but why not make cooking dinner a family affair. Choose a simple recipe and give everyone age appropriate tasks to complete. Best to do this on a day no one is rushed or ‘staaarving’ though!

Family time is precious, let us help you make the most of yours. If you are looking for a ideas for a day at home there are lots of things to do there too.

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