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7 Tips To Cut Your Chances Of A Winter Car Accident

Date Published 14.01.2016
Topic Car Insurance

Tips to Avoid a Winter Car Accident Infographic| AIG

As winter falls across Ireland, we're treated to fantastic scenery and all the enjoyment the holiday season brings - but the colder weather that comes with it, and usually follows well into February, isn't welcome on the nation's road.


Although road deaths have fallen substantially since the 1990s, around 190 people die every year on Ireland's roads showing the need for necessary level of care to be taken especially in poorer winter conditions.


In the below, we've prepared our easy to follow tips on how you could help avoid an accident during the wintery and the bitter cold months that dominate the end and start of our year. And don't forget, if you do end up in an accident our new claims portal is available whenever you are or you can easily call our claims team on 01 8599700.


7 easy tips to cut your chances of a winter car accident


Our last piece of advice can’t exactly prevent you having an accident on the roads, but it will at least give you peace of mind. Before you get on the road during the winter period simply make sure that your car insurance is up to date and you are fully covered. 


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