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6 Fun Things to do with Kids

Date Published 19.07.2017
Topic Family Article

6 Fun Things to do with Kids | AIG Ireland

The school holidays have arrived and chances are you have a house full of children ready to play! We have lots of ideas if you are looking for a free day out in Ireland. But if the weather isn’t great or you don’t want the hassle of packing everyone into the car, here are 6 fun indoor activities to keep the little ones entertained over the long summer days. In even better news, most of the ingredients or objects are likely to be around the house!


1. Paper airplane race!

Make and race paper airplanes in your household’s inaugural Paper Airplane Display. For the little ones, keep the planes and course simple enough. If your children are older there is a huge range of paper airplane designs to choose from and courses can be made more challenging. If the weather improves take things to the garden or park to really test their creations.

2. Make a film

Take advantage of the fact that most of us carry a camera around with us in our smartphone and use it to shoot a film! This is a great activity if there are cousins or friends over as there’s lots to be done:

  • Agree on a theme
  •  Create a short script
  • Hunt through dress up clothes for costumes
  • Make sure everyone has makeup (powder at least - to stop the shine!)
  • Shoot the film (on your smart phone)
  • Edit the film using an app.
  • Host a film premier with a red carpet (a throw or blanket is perfect) snacks and drinks!)
child smiling

3. Make finger paint 

Use this simple recipe to create non-toxic finger paint and get creative. It doesn’t have to be all handprints (though it is great to make one of those too!) there are lots of things you can create with finger prints.

4. Toilet roll woodland animals 

Gather all the toilet roll inserts you can find and make these cute woodland animals. More animal ideas include:

  • Fox
  • Badger
  • Owl
  • Squirrel
  • Rabbit
  • Hedgehog
  • Deer

Maybe combine them with the second idea and use them as props in your family film production?

5. Slime Treasure Hunt 

This one might take a bit of planning or a trip to the Euro store but we think it would be worthwhile. Make this simple slime recipe, add glitter. Do your best to hide the ‘treasure’ – this could be plastic coins or small plastic toys. Then let everyone go through the slime ‘hunting’ for the treasure. Even make it a game, where whoever collects the most treasure wins!


6. Cardboard box

Find, collect or ask for some cardboard boxes (your local supermarket is a good place to start) and use them to make a car, a castle or a hobby horse! Your help will be needed with this one particularly as cutting cardboard is difficult! But there are lots of opportunity for the kids to help with painting and decorating!

We recommend that all activities are carefully supervised by an adult.

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