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5 Tips To Save On Holiday Home Insurance

Date Published 08.08.2016
Topic Home Insurance

5 Tips To Save On Holiday Home Insurance

We know having a holiday home in another part of our beautiful country is becoming more and more popular. There are over 61,000 vacant holiday homes around the country. But how do you keep them safe from burglary, theft or damage while they are empty? Here are 5 practical things you can do easily that may help you get cheaper holiday home insurance.


1. Change the locks

One of the first things to do when you buy a holiday home is have a reputable lock smith change the locks on doors and windows. There are two benefits to this:

a) You now control who has access to the house, this is particularly important if it was rented as a holiday home previously, who knows who may have the keys to your house!

b) You know the locks on all doors and windows are secure and working well


Keep your holiday home safe.
Change the locks and make sure you have an alarm.


2. Install a house alarm

A monitored system works best but if your finances won’t stretch to that, a standard alarm system and a trusted neighbour in the area with the codes (in case the wind sets it off!) will work well.


3. Do not leave the property looking unused

When securing the property try to make it look as lived in as possible. A few easy tips are:

 Install a letterbox cage so post or junk mail doesn’t pile up around the door

 Leave a low voltage light on in one room set to come on using a timer plug

 Keep valuables out of sight

 Don’t close all curtains/blinds leaving some open and others closed works best

 Arrange for someone local to check in on the house if it is going to be empty for a prolonged period of time

 Switch off all sockets (other than 1 that may be used) and check electrical wires for wear and tear

 Have the grass cut regularly


4. Turn off water at the mains

To prevent potential problems with flooding or pipes freezing over winter – make sure you turn water off at the mains before your leave the property.


Don't hide your keys.
It's never a good idea to hide keys near your home.


5. Don’t hide keys

We know the temptation is to leave keys under a mat or a stone, especially if you share the house with friends or family. An equally simple but much more secure option is to use a well-hidden key lock box.


Like most forms of insurance, if you stay claim free you are likely to receive a no claims discount over time so securing your holiday home to avoid damage and theft should mean a reduction in your premium. If you need holiday home insurance in Ireland getting a quote is easy.

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