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5 Tips for Choosing Your First Family Car

Date Published 01.09.2016
Topic Car Insurance,Family Article

5 Tips for Choosing Your First Family Car

Babies are small but they require more space in a car than you and your partner combined. It’s something to do with buggies, car seats and those shoulder bags full of baby accessories that you need to carry around once you become a parent. So if you are expecting a bundle of joy in the near future, it’s time to say “good bye sports car” and “hello family car”.


What’s the best family car for my family?

That depends on lots of things including your plans for more children in the future, budget and how you plan to use the car but to make finding the right car for your new family easier, here is our five point check list:


1. Make Sure You Have Lots of Space

You know you will need enough space in your boot for a buggy and groceries but what about enormous packets of nappies, crate loads of baby wipes and extra-large bottles of laundry detergent? This doesn’t necessarily mean you need to run out and purchase the biggest car you can find. A large car is more difficult to park and could cost more to run so you need to find a balance.

Pro-tip: Buy the buggy before you buy the car so that you can take it with you when viewing cars. Remember toddlers in car seats love to kick, so make sure there is enough room between their legs and the front seat.


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2. Choose A Family Car Fit for Purpose

Will you just be zipping down to the school gates or are you planning on road tripping to France?

If you plan on doing long trips then you should strongly consider:

  • How fuel efficient is the car?
  • Do you need a roof box?
  • Are cup holders a necessity?
  • Compartments for baby wipes so you can quickly neutralise sticky hands and runny noses?
  • Built-in window shades or tinted glass?
  • DVD players fitted in to the back?
  • What upholstery? Leather is more expensive but it’s easier to wipe down, and darker colours are less likely to show stains


3. Know What You Need in Safety Features

The car should give you the option to:

  • Switch off passenger airbags
  • Lock and unlock the back windows
  • Activate child locks on the back doors

You can also ask about adjustable seat belts and headrests. Check the EURO NCAP rating for the car, specifically in relation to how it performed under the Child Protection Test.


4. At Least Five Doors

Don’t damage your back, or your patience, by settling with a three door car. You need easy access to the back seat so you can safely strap baby in and out. Some cars have wider opening back doors than others.


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5. Future Proof Your Family Car

If it happened once, it can happen again. Ask yourself if all the car seats you may need in a few years will fit in to the car at the same time. Do you need a seven-seater? It might be worth considering a large family car. Maybe you should buy a minibus!

Is there anything we have left out? Let us know what you would add in the comments! Whether you are buying a new family car or you're sticking with what you've got, you are going to need car insurance before you drive off. At AIG, we offer low cost car insurance quotes with absolutely no administration fees, so if you need to get a car quote contact us today.


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