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5 Irish Autumn Road Trips

Date Published 22.09.2013
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5 Irish Autumn Road Trips


Autumn leaves are legendary. Across Ireland, leaves are turning from green to gold to amber, red to orange.


The show is magnificent and what’s more it’s free. Here we give you 5 autumn road trips where you can see the best of the autumn colours in woods, on mountains, along rivers and by the sea. Enjoy!


Glendalough, Co Wicklow – Many of us know Glendalough well but if you don’t it’s a spectacular place at this time of year, with its lakes, hills and trails for you to discover. A lot of the trees in Glendalough are deciduous broad-leaved and between 150 to 200 years old. Glendalough offers many one-of-a-kind sights, bringing you to trailheads, scenic overlooks and historic monastic sites.


Glenshelane, Co. Waterford - You’ll find this enchanting forest with a picnic site, car park and beech, oak and sycamore trees around the babbling Glenshelane River. The ‘glen of the fairies’ is home to a surprising number of forest trails, too. The navy route is the short option but a red route gets the most out of the woodlands, taking in sites as it winds its way along on a bed of orange, auburn and yellow leaves.


Raven Loop, Co Wexford – A flat walk, the Raven Point Loop leads you into the Raven Nature Reserve with a mix of deciduous, coniferous trees and unique flora and fauna. As you break out from the quiet of the woods you can enjoy blustery beach views on Curracloe Beach, looking out for seals on the sandbanks. Walk along the sands for your return journey.


Killarney National Park, Kerry - Where the mountains sweep down to the lake shores, their lower slopes is covered in amber woodlands, lies the 10,236 hectares, Killarney National Park. The distinctive combination of mountains, lakes, woods and waterfalls under ever changing skies gives the area a special scenic beauty. With autumn’s arrival, the forest’s colours lights up the space around you.


Knocksink Nature Reserve, Co Wicklow - Has the added attraction of some of the best autumn foliage displays in this part of the world. Particularly good spots are when ambling along a stretch of the Glencullen River outside Enniskerry. It is threaded through a nature reserve and stuffed with bridges to cross, branches to swing from and tracks to explore.


If you’re going on the trip, chances are you’re getting there by driving. Just a quick reminder to make sure you have car insurance before you begin your journey. At AIG, we offer low cost car insurance quotes with absolutely no administration fees, so if you need to talk to someone simply phone 1890 27 27 27 or go to for a quote today. And lastly, always remember to drive safely, as every season always has it's different risks.

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