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4 Must Have Security Gadgets For Your Home Office

Date Published 14.04.2016
Topic Home Insurance

4 Must Have Security Gadgets For Your Home Office

Having a space that allows you to work from home can be great. It means you can set your own work hours sometimes, be comfortable and truly separate your work from the rest of your home.


However, it can offer a few problems, such as security. If you handle sensitive documents, you need to ensure they are completely safe at all times. This doesn't just mean from anyone breaking into your house but from children who might want something to draw on or pets who are simply being nosey.

With this in mind, it is a good idea to take steps to protect your home office. While a lock and key might be a good way to do this, there are some more high-tech options that offer added protection. Here are four that could make a difference:



You can be sure that no one has been in your home office by adding a CCTV camera that covers as much of the room as possible. While traditional cameras are a great choice, you can now get models that you can connect to via your mobile device.


CCTV can deter crime but also help solve it.


This means that you can use an app on your smartphone or tablet to check in with your camera in real time or to watch the footage that it has recorded for the day. Not only will this give you great peace of mind, it will allow you to rewind the recording to check that nothing is amiss in your home office while you aren't there.


Smart locks

Traditional locks are easy to pick or break, which means your home office may not be as secure as you think. Rather than relying on a key - which you can also use - try installing a smart lock that requires your mobile device in order to open.

These connect via Bluetooth so you can create different settings for your lock to suit your needs. This includes who can enter and when, automatically locking your door should you forget and unlocking when you approach the door.


Your fingerprint is unique to you and a great method of prevention.


Fingerprint safe

If you use a safe in your home office to keep sensitive or expensive items safe, you probably know that these aren't completely secure. Just as with door locks, safes can be opened, which can put business and personal documents at risk.

However, you can now get fingerprint safes, which offer added security as they will only open if the right finger is pressed to the sensor. This means that you and certain people will be able to add fingerprints to the safe in order to open it, keeping everything right where it should be.

Just be sure that your safe is also fireproof and comes with a spare set of keys, just so you're covered for all eventualities.


Laptop lock

Whether you're working at home or are out and about, you want to keep your laptop safe. While you can insure your device against theft and damage, this won't bring back all the work that is on it. 


Your laptop is usually your central hub of all your work.

Luckily, you can get laptop locks which attach easily to the device without damaging it and allow you to attach it to an immovable object - such as your filing cabinet or desk. This will keep your laptop safe when you leave it at home, in your office or in a hotel.


For an additional level of security, you should really consider investing in one of these gadgets for your own piece of mind.


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