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10 tips for driving as you get older in Ireland

Date Published 05.07.2018
Topic Car Insurance

10 tips for driving as you get older in Ireland | AIG Ireland

Age catches up with all of us, eventually:

There are lots of positives to getting older though; having more time to do the things you love, feeling more comfortable in your own skin and feel less stressed than you did when you were younger.

But, there are also challenges, some of them physical. As drivers, we have a responsibility to acknowledge and alleviate these challenges for our own and other’s safety on the roads.

We have some tips which may help you when driving as you get older and keep the cost of your insurance premium to a minimum:

1. The best car for older drivers

If you are considering changing your car as you are getting older consider opting for one with:

  • Higher driving position
  • Easy access
  • Comfortable interior
  • High safety rating

To make getting in and out easy, even with minor mobility issues. Also, consider how the car is powered: a hybrid or electric vehicle may work well for you. Most are automatic and very economical to run.


2. Get a newer car

Older cars tend to increase insurance premiums so get the newest car you can afford. The newer the car the more fuel efficient it is, which will also save you money. Another thing to note is, AIG does not usually insure cars older than 15 years.


3. Reduce your mileage

Reducing mileage as you get older makes sense, especially if you find you get tired behind the wheel more easily. Where possible, walk to the shops or share driving with friends and family.

For longer journey’s, take advantage of public transport.


4. Keep your no claims bonus

Your no claims discount is valid for 2 years from the date on which your last car insurance policy was in force. If you have to stop driving for a period of two years or more your premium may be prohibitively high. If you were living abroad during this time and have claims free driving experience there, in your own name, AIG will take this into consideration on a new policy.


Read more: How does your age affect driving? Here’s a few ways.


5.Exclude a named driver

If you are the only person who is driving your car but you have someone else named on the policy (a son or daughter who now have their own car) then it is advisable to remove them as this may decrease the cost of your policy.

6. Be careful when parking

If you are not confident at parking, try to park away from other cars when you are out and about to reduce the risk of damage to your own or someone else’s car. If you are considering changing your car, parking sensors and rear-view monitors are common in newer models.


7. Have regular check-ups

Have your sight and hearing tested regularly, as both decline with age. Ensure you comply with any recommendations and inform your insurance company. If you are starting new medication check it doesn’t make you drowsy or affect your ability to drive in any other way before you take to the road.

8. Avoid poor driving conditions

Avoid driving when road conditions are not good for example in heavy rain or when there is a risk of ice on roads. Ensure that your windscreen, headlights and mirrors are clean to improve visibility. Limit any distractions such a loud music or conversations. Put your mobile on silent and hide it away, the glove compartment is a good place. Plan your route if you are going somewhere new or use a satnav system.

9. Stay Active

As you get older remaining active will benefit many areas of your life, including your driving.

Strength and flexibility play an essential role in steering, changing gear and parking so regular exercise and stretching are essential.

10. Take some lessons 

One of the advantages of driving as we get older is we often have a wealth of driving experience but we can pick up some bad habits along the way. If you feel there is room for improvement when it comes to your driving technique, take a few lessons. The RSA website had listings of instructors by area.

We hope, with a few easy modifications, you have more time to enjoy the open road behind the wheel as you get older. If your insurance is up for renewal, get a quote now, our new online process is quick and easy.

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