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10 Activity Days for an Energetic Family

Date Published 04.05.2017
Topic Family Article

10 activity days for an energetic family

We know your family are full of beans! You probably spend lots of time ferrying your children to various activities and maybe going to some yourself, but what happens when you want to do something as a family that is a little more active than a day at the zoo? We’ve found 10 activity days around the country that will help you burn some energy and bring you closer as you support each other in completing a challenge!


1. Zip It

Age: 7+

Fly through the trees on one of Zip It’s aerial zip line courses. Get the adrenaline flowing as you move from one tree to another completing a range of aerial activities including zip lines and high ropes from 1 – 20 meters off the ground. Children from age 7 are welcome to take part and your entire family can complete the circuits together. ‘Zip It’ have locations around the country.

2. Skill Zone

Age: 10+

This is the place for sports fans! This multi-sport indoor circuit allows you test your skills at sports as dynamic as baseball, hang tough and GAA. You get points for each sport so this activity day is perfect for a bit of friendly family competition!

 3. Go Quest

Age: 12+

Are your children a little older? Then this is the activity day for you! Go quest is an indoor arena containing 27 uniquely themed challenge rooms to test your physical and mental skills. The three levels of difficulty mean there is something for everyone. As it is all indoors, it is perfect for a rainy day!

4. Adventure Centre

Age: 7+
Located all over the country and offering a range of activities from canoeing to abseiling to archery there is something to challenge even the most active family at an adventure centre. Spend the day on land, in the water and in the air as you have fun testing your abilities!


family at the beach

5. Surf School

Age: 6+

If you live anywhere near the coast take on the sea with a surf lesson! Using almost every muscle in your body, surfing is a physical and mental challenge as well as loads of fun for adults and children. A good school will make surfing as easy as possible and will try to get beginners standing by the end of a lesson.

6. Climbing Wall  

Age:Kids area 2-6 Climbing wall 7+

Climbing walls offer a safe and fun way to try rock climbing or bouldering. Indoor walls are a great option on a rainy day. Younger children (2-6) can test some climbing skills in the kids play area in most venues, while bigger kids can try get to the top of the wall. Support each other to face fears, find holds and reach the top – or a bit of friendly competition and rivalry for siblings to see you can get there first!

7. Ski Centre

Age: 7+

You may not be able to hit the slopes in Ireland for real but that doesn’t mean you have to miss out! Why not try skiing indoors at the Ski Centre? It is a great way to get some practice in before a trip abroad or just to give skiing a go!

8. Crazy Golf  

Age: 4+

For a more focused activity day, crazy golf is brilliant! Work together to find the tricks needed to overcome the obstacles in your path. There are courses located all over the country so there is bound to be one near you.

climbing wall

9. Pony Trekking

Age: 7+

A wonderful way to do something active, see some scenery and maybe learn a new skill. Horse riding is a physical and mental challenge whether you are a beginner or not. Mastering the control and care of an animal has been shown to improve confidence. It also offers an opportunity to spend time out in the countryside and could be a great stress buster for your active family.

10. Wild Air Run

Age: 7+

Although this is an event rather than something available all year round – it is so perfect for a family activity day that we couldn’t leave it out! It’s a 5km run but with lots of inflatable objects to clamber, over, under and through. The wild air run is happening in locations across the country this summer.
Family time is valuable, let us help you make the most of yours. If you are looking for a free day out there are lots of options too.


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