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My Career, My Story - Louise Kidd


my career, my story aig

Part 2 of our My Career, My Story series focusses on Louise Kidd, Head of Financial Lines who gives us an insight into her role, her proudest moment working for AIG and much more! 

Louise Kidd's my career and my story

Can you give a brief background into how you got into the Insurance industry and your role?

I started my career in broking for 2 years and then joined AIG as an underwriting assistant 17 years ago when I was 5 :).Throughout my time in AIG, I’ve had the opportunity to progress within the organisation. I am now Head of Financial Lines for Ireland where I manage a team of 12 underwriters. I am responsible for our Financial Lines products including Cyber, D&O, Crime, etc. We write most of Ireland’s largest PLC’s, multinationals, financial institutions, law firms, semi-state agencies and leading tech firms. Equally we offer financial lines cover for all segments of the market including SME’s.

In addition to managing the Irish Financial Lines portfolio, I also act as the product lead for Financial Institutions (FI) across AIG Europe where I am a referral point for other countries FI risks. I hold a degree in Financial Services which I carried out at night while working for the company and am now studying a chartered director qualification with the Institute of Directors.

Can you explain what your average day looks like?

Well, I go to the gym at 5.45am every morning to wake myself up! Then I head into the office and I have to say that no day is really ever the same. I spend a lot of my time with the team, clients, brokers and also travel when needed. Then I return home to the kids where the real work starts! I have a young family with three daughters under the age of 6 so you can imagine, I have my hands full.

Can you describe your proudest moment working for AIG?

Yes, one milestone always comes to mind! In 2013, the All Blacks came to Ireland and we were able to take them to the Laura Lynn Children's Hospice. It was really amazing that we were able to leverage our sponsorship relationship for social good. The awareness generated was incredible and in one case – we were told of a woman who donated funds from selling a piece of land after seeing the press coverage generated and being made aware of all the great work the hospice does.

What does inclusion mean to you and how is it evident at AIG?

That everyone from all walks of life effectively feels part of our team and are afforded the same opportunities and support. There has always been a strong diversity and inclusion culture in AIG and recently it’s really been brought to the forefront of our business through the establishment of Employee Resource Groups (ERGs). This is where colleagues come together with a shared interest or passion, for example; the Disabilities and Allies ERG of which I am the executive sponsor. This group brings awareness amongst employees of all types of disabilities whether they are visible to the eye or not in every aspect of life, including the workplace, home, socially, etc. At all levels in the organisation, diversity and inclusion has always been high up on the agenda and that makes me very proud to work for AIG.

I also lead the Game Changer Network initiative which is a mentoring group for women in business and women in sport. We gathered top business women from different companies around Dublin and have them paired with players from across a spectrum of Irish sport. The individual pairings will meet, talk, share some of the lessons they have learned through sport and business and find ways that they can each help each other out!

What does AIG turning 100 years mean to you? Why is it significant?

I think in a world of constant change/evolution where companies have ups and downs – it’s amazing to see that AIG has stood the test of time! One thing that has always inspired me since I started working here is the inherent historical knowledge whether it’s colleagues locally or globally. We have two team members in the office who have been here since AIG Ireland opened its doors 43 years ago which is a true testament to the organisation. I’m very confident that the next 100 years for AIG will be very bright.

How do you balance raising a young family and being a member of AIG Ireland’s leadership team?

I have a fantastic team in work who I learn something new from every day! We truly do try and work collectively as a team where we balance workload as a group and help each other out when needed. I’m also very lucky to have great support network at home with my husband, both our families and close friends.

I think it’s always important to remember that work is an extremely important aspect of life but ultimately family and friends are paramount.

What are your ambitions for the future?

My ambitions for the future are to continue in AIG in roles where I enjoy the work I do!

And on a personal note, I’d love to see my daughters play for the Dublin Ladies football team (and obviously do well at school too :) ).


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