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Medical Management Services


Medical Management Services

Managing Workplace Injury and Absenteeism

In today’s workplace, employers are dedicating valuable company resources to manage injury/absenteeism within the workforce. This is a complex issue which poses many questions for an organisation including:

1. How do we resource this function? Human Resources? Health and Safety Officer?

2. What is the nature of the employee’s injury / illness and for how long will they be absent?

3. Is the employee receiving the appropriate medical care and mitigating their loss?

Medical Management Services (MMS) is a collaborative service offered by AIG involving the coordination of medical care to facilitate a return to full health following injury. Our primary focus is to facilitate an injured party’s (IP) recovery and return to work by intervening early to ensure the best possible rehabilitation programme.  We are a unique offering within the Irish insurance industry. We are staffed by qualified health professionals, experienced in injury and rehabilitation. AIG MMS is available to AIG Liability policyholders.

There are two aspects involved in this service

1. Medical Assistance: A tailor-made programme of treatment designed to optimise post-accident health.

2. Vocational Assistance: The provision of a programme of support and guidance, designed to assist injured employees to return to meaningful employment.

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How does it work?

On request, AIG MMS Ireland will obtain an injured employee’s signed consent to case manage. Our trained professionals will then perform assessments and work with the employee’s medical team to ensure that all of the necessary steps to facilitate a swift return to work. This can include challenging the existing course of care, changing personnel, facilitating onward referrals while keeping employers informed.

1. AIG can appoint a dedicated heathcare professional to manage the injury/illness aspects of your employee’s absenteeism.

2. We coordinate high-quality, appropriate and timely medical intervention.

3. AIG keep the employer informed of progress- absence is controlled and not employee led.

4. AIG provide clarity on the nature of an employee’s injury, prognosis and fitness for work.

5. AIG facilitate a safe, early and medically signed off return to work.

Benefits for employers: Women Image

Benefits for employers:
• Decreases burden on internal resources in managing absenteeism.
• Provides clarity on an employee’s progress and return to work.
• Reduces hidden and direct costs associated with injury and absence.
• Regarded as a company benefit resulting in improved employee relations.
• Decreases the cost of claims/potential claims/claim life cycles.
• Promotes a less adversarial attitude and can assist in reducing legal costs.
• Reduce the loss of earnings and loss of opportunity aspect of a claim.

Benefits for the employee:
• Provides support and care.
• Delivers better quality and more efficient treatment.
• Decreases financial burden of treatment.
• Encourages early return to work.

What our clients think of us

“We regard Medical Management Services as an integral part of the support we give to our employees to help their speedy recovery and return to work. This service has an ongoing positive impact on reducing our absent levels and is also valued by our employees. The service is managed and conducted in a professional manner while taking into account the employee’s well-being and the business needs.” – Human Resources Manager, Food Supply Organisation

“We have been using Medical Management Services for more than 5 years now. It is an integral part of our sickness/injury at work policy. Medical Management Services is a win-win for both the employer and employee. The employer is confident that the employee is receiving the best available care, both parties work towards a return to work date and there have been times that injury claims have been prevented because of the care and attention of the Medical Management Services team. I would certainly recommend Medical Management Services to all companies, no matter what industry.” Health & Safety Manager, Multinational Manufacturing Organisation

The bottom line – why case manage?

It’s vital for employers to avail of this service to ensure that their employees receive the best quality care possible. An independent actuarial analysis shows at least a 30% saving on the cost of a claim when AIG MMS Ireland have actively case managed.

For more information, please contact our Medical Management Services team on (01) 208 1468 or