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Frequently Asked Questions

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genwhy is a set of initiatives we are piloting at AIG with the goal of better serving Millennials. As part of the program, we are running the genwhy Competition so that we can have the help of Millennial talent like you to inform our decisions and enhance our brand.

A Millennial is generally defined as someone born between 1982 and 1998. At AIG, we are working to reshape our company and build offerings to appeal to this generation's needs and expectations.

To qualify to compete, you must:

  • Be able to commute to Dublin on June 23, 2016 for the genwhy Summit
  • Be able to commute to the Dublin AIG office for the duration of the summer fellowship
  • Be authorized to work in Ireland
  • Submit all requirements as specified on the application page
  • Be invited to and participate in the genwhy Summit

Further details on qualifications can be found on the Terms and Conditions.

If you are selected as a Finalist, you will have the opportunity to attend the genwhy Summit, a collaborative Day-Long Event where you will:

  • Build out your ideas
  • Meet AIG leaders
  • Get media exposure
  • Win fantastic prizes
  • Network with top Irish Millennial talent

Four of the Finalists from the genwhy Summit will also be selected for the genwhy Summer Fellowship.

The genwhy Summit will be held on June 23, 2016 between 9am – 6pm.

You are encouraged to submit a resume or LinkedIn profile via email along with your application. However, all of the other supporting materials will be scored only when applicable. The optional materials are encouraged as a means to help us understand the ideas you come up with. However, if your ideas stand well on their own and meet the scoring criteria, do not feel obligated to submit any extra materials.

If you made a mistake, please email us ( an updated competition entry with "REVISED:" in the front of your subject line before the deadline.

Yes, absolutely!  We’d love to hear all of your great ideas across the four areas we are looking for.

If a conflict arises and you are no longer able to participate in the Summer Fellowship, you are still eligible for 1 Dublin GAA All-Ireland ticket, meet-and-greet with Dublin GAA players, Samsung Gear Virtual Reality Headset, and Fitbit Flex Wireless Activity Tracker. However, the Summer Fellowship opportunity and €6,000 will be awarded to the next available contestant for the given role challenge.

The genwhy summer fellowship will take place from July through September 2016. Dates are flexible based on availability, but fellows are expected to complete their work over the course of 8-9 weeks.