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AIG "Voice of the Customer" Research

  • Established in March 2015 and now running for over two years surveying AIG customers across channels 
    • Over 105,000 surveys sent and 13,000 responses
    • Surveying AIG, Car, Home & Travel Insurance customers
  • We ask customers  monthly what they think about all aspects of our service
    • So that we can improve it for them/ improve their experience 
    • Our research also sometimes highlights issues we don’t hear about normally 
  • Surveying customers at four key touchpoints; Sales, after they’ve just bought, Service (an MTA), after they’ve Renewed and when they’ve made a Claim
  • Customers evaluate us in terms of “likelihood to recommend” (Net Promoter Score) and CSAT Customer satisfaction
  • Customer are categorized into Promoters/Passives & Detractors
    • Objective is to get more of our customers who are “promoters” -  they typically “buy more”, “stay longer”, “Claim less” and recommend us to friends 
  • Customers give verbatim, written, comments  about their experience and these are a rich source of information outside of the core questions we ask 
  • These are analysed each month, categorized and then followed up
    • Customer feedback used as “social proof” in our marketing material and on our website
  • Scores of Over 50 are very positive for AIG however we are aiming for a higher score to achieve industry target benchmark.

Customer NPS Scores - July 2017

NPS results

Our Customer Feedback

"It's simply that I would have been happier if my costs could have been reduced further.  Costs in recent years have become very expensive."


“Thank you for a great quote – great value for money  & service ”  

“Thank you for a great quote – great value for money  & service ”  

"AIG gave the best quote and were helpful when contacted."


"Price, my insurance costs jumped considerably.  i feel this is not justified."



"Excellent knowledgeable staff and also very customer orientated,they come across as if they "actually care about you!!!"