Risks You Take without Travel Insurance

Many holidaymakers don't buy travel insurance until right before they are due to leave. Our recent figures reveal that 29 per cent of customers waited until the day before their holiday to arrange their cover, with another 11 per cent only buying travel insurance two days before their trip. You can see a full breakdown of figures in this handy infographic

Here are just some of the issues that holidaymakers might experience if they don't invest in travel insurance or panic buy cover that doesn't fit their needs: 

Expensive medical bills

Those in the UK and Ireland are used to having access to state-funded medical care through the NHS and HSE, but these don't always cover you when you're abroad. Going on holiday without travel insurance means you could have to foot the bill for any medical care you receive while you're out of the country.

As 32 per cent of travel insurance claims made to AIG Ireland were for medical expenses - the highest number of claims - it goes to show that illness or injury while on holiday can be an expensive business.

Holiday cancellation

There's a number of reasons a holiday may end up getting cancelled, all of which can lead to disappointment. However, the fallout from a cancelled trip can be more than annoyance and ruined plans, it can also have financial implications.

A cancelled holiday can mean that you still need to pay for pre-booked excursions and accommodation, even if you aren't going on your holiday. Some 31 per cent of claims to AIG Ireland during a five-year period were for cancelled holidays, so it is worth ensuring this type of cover is in place.

Baggage and personal belongings

Although the responsibility for luggage that is temporarily lost on a flight is the responsibility of the airline you're travelling with, baggage cover is still an important part of travel insurance. It means that anything that gets lost or stolen during your trip is protected, so you won't need to cover the cost of replacing your items.

When you consider that the cost for luggage and belongings can quickly run into the thousands, baggage cover is incredibly important. And with 16 per cent of claims being for baggage and effects, lost luggage is obviously a problem for holidaymakers.

Delayed Departure

Not only can waiting around at an airport for a delayed flight be boring and frustrating, it can actually end up meaning you need to cover extra costs. From missed connections to hotel accommodation, these costs can easily mount up if you don't have travel insurance to cover the extras.

As well as buying travel insurance in good time, you should also ensure you have the right cover for the type of trip you're taking. AIG Ireland offers single trip and annual cover for those who do a lot of travelling. You can also find travel insurance for long stays and backpacking holidays, with all types of cover offering 24-hour support.


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