How to Make a Claim on Your Home Insurance Policy

Things can seem stressful when something has happened at home and you need to make a home insurance claim as a result. But don’t worry - we’re here to help and guide you along the way. Making a claim on your insurance should be a hassle-free experience and have you feeling like things are being sorted. Here’s how to make a claim on your home insurance policy.

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How do I know what’s covered in my home insurance policy?

Insuring your home and belongings is broken into two types of home cover: buildings insurance and contents insurance.  

Buildings insurance with AIG covers damage caused by fire, smoke, storm, flood, freezing, escape of water or oil, stealing & malicious damage as standard. 

Contents insurance with AIG covers the contents of your home including items such as TVs, kitchen appliances, curtains, clothing and furniture. IE: anything you would take with you if you were to move to a new house.

Contents insurance is based on estimated value of your contents which you provide to the insurance company. Unsure if your contents are fully insured? Consult our handy infographic and make sure your valuable items are insured

The details of your insurance policy can be found in the policy booklet or you can contact the helpline if you’re unsure what’s included. 

Steps to take when making a claim on your home insurance policy 

Before taking any steps, it is important to consult your insurance policy booklet to see what events you are covered for and how much excess is required to make a claim. 

Tip: Excess is the first monetary amount payable by you in the event of a loss - in this case, a home insurance claim. 


1. Take photographs of the damage and write down all the details of how and when it occurred

Keep any damaged items after cleaning up in case your insurers want to see them.

2. Call your insurance company’s claims hotline

To make a claim on your AIG home insurance policy you can call our Home Claims Notification Helpline at 01 261 1599. You can also email us at

3. Share the details of the claim with the handler

4. Depending on the nature of your claim and its severity, your claims handler will advise you on the next steps


Important: If your claim is regarding broken windows, burst pipes or anything else urgent you should have emergency repairs completed ASAP to prevent any further damage to your home. Contact the 24-hour Emergency Home Assist Helpline at 0818 112 224 and you will be connected to an approved network of repairers such as plumbers, electricians etc. You will be required to pay for the repairs and the cost will be reimbursed if covered under your policy.

Action needed after you’ve reported your home insurance claim

  1. Complete and return the claims from as soon as possible
  2. Submit the estimates of repairs etc with your claim form 
  3. Wait for confirmation of the estimates from AIG before you proceed with any repairs / redecorating
  4. Hold on to any damaged property for inspection by AIG. 

Upon registering your claim you will be assigned an adjuster. This adjuster will remain assigned to you for the duration of your claim. They will decide on the type of the claim by either consulting the images you provided or by visiting your home. This will be dependant on the value and severity of the claim. 

You may also appoint your own assessor (not covered by AIG) who will work with the AIG adjuster if you wish. 

Making a claim for stolen property or maliciously damaged property

If your property has been lost, stolen or maliciously damaged you need to inform the Gardaí immediately. You will receive a garda report form with your claims form that the Garda will need to fill out to confirm that the matter was reported. 

When making a claim on your home insurance, do not: 

  1. Start repairs unless they are emergency repairs to limit damage caused.
  2. Carry out investigative work without approval from AIG first.
  3. Negotiate, admit or deny liability on a claim without written consent from AIG. This applies to you or anyone else insured under the policy acting on your behalf.

AIG will handle the claims process on your behalf and will request assistance from you when needed. A visit to the property where the event occurred may be needed. 

Have more questions about your home insurance policy? We’ve answered some of your top home insurance questions here. 

Ensure that your home and contents are fully insured in your time of need. Let AIG look after you. Get an online home insurance quote with AIG for great benefits and discounts. 


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