How To Keep Your Car Safe from Theft

As we move into winter, darker days makes car theft a more attractive prospect for criminals. With the recent advances in technology, these thieves now have more ways than ever to commit vehicle crime, so here are some tips to ensure you do everything you can to make theft more difficult.


Darker evenings mean it is vitally important to park your car in well-lit areas when possible. When parking in a city center, try park in areas with high levels of traffic and people to deter thieves. When in car parks, try to park close to other cars as it increases the chances of people walking by which can scare thieves off. Parking in well-lit areas also is a great way to discourage people from stealing.

Remove personal Items 

A car is already an attractive proposition for someone to steal so why give them added incentive by leaving your things out for them to see? It is also important not to leave jackets on seats as it gives the impression that there are more items underneath them. Avoid leaving valuable items such as a wallet, phone, and house keys on display, even if you are only leaving your car for five minutes.

Be Sensible with Keys 

Be vigilant with both house keys and car keys. If your house is broken into, one of the first things a thief will look for are car keys, ensure that they are left in a safe and secure place at all times. Never leave keys in vulnerable positions whether you are at home or out. Never leave a spare set of keys under a door mat or in a flower pot.

Leave car off on cold mornings

We’ve all done it, woken up, seen the frost on the grass and decided to run the car while you’re inside finishing breakfast to defrost the windows. Nearly a third of car thefts take place at the owners’ residences as thieves are now using these cold wintry mornings to their advantage and stealing cars while running. Always leave the car engine off and the car locked while unattended.


It is widely thought that thieves will target well maintained cars, but the opposite is true. Thieves see older, unmaintained cars as easy prey. Ensure that your car is regularly checked, particularly during colder weather periods, so it is safer to drive and harder to steal.

Anti – Theft Technology 

Even though modern cars have sophisticated alarm systems, it still doesn’t stop car theft. There are now many forms of anti-theft technology available such as GPS trackers but even something as simple as a wheel lock may deter a thief. The extra time it takes would take to remove it will often make them think twice about targeting your car.

If you have any other tips for protecting your car, we would love to hear them in the comments. If your insurance is up for renewal soon, get a quote from us, we might help you save some money!


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