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How can MMS assist me as an injured or ill employee?

Our case management service is designed to help you get the medical care your doctors have recommended for you and to assist your recovery and return to work.  
Case management offers you the following benefits:
- Your injury/illness is managed by a qualified professional who will work with you and with your consent, with your doctors to ensure the best possible plan of recovery.  
- You can get access to the care you need in the shortest possible time.   
- You will receive support and advice during your recovery period. 
- You will have the opportunity for early return to work with minimal financial implications.  
- The cost of the treatment will be covered so you don’t have to worry about the financial aspect of your medical treatment, allowing you to focus on your recovery. 

How does the case management process work in practice?

- Your employer will advise you of AIG Medical Management Services (Ireland) and will refer your file to us. Once this occurs, your designated case manager will contact you by telephone to discuss MMS and to assess the nature of your injury and the treatment you are receiving. MMS will also request your written agreement to contact your own medical team to assist in co-ordinating your rehabilitation programme. 
- Once your written consent has been received, MMS will contact your doctors to discuss your specific needs. An ideal plan of care based on your needs will then be coordinated and monitored. 
- MMS will gain financial sanction to cover the cost of your treatment during your recovery programme. 
- MMS will then co-operate with your employer to facilitate your safe and appropriate return to work.  

Will I have to change my medical practitioner if I want MMS to become involved? 

- No, you do not have to change your current treating doctor. AIG Medical Management Services (Ireland) liaises with your current treating practitioner to assist them in implementing your most appropriate plan of care.

What Medical care providers can MMS refer me to?

- While we do work alongside your own medical team, AIG Medical Management Services (Ireland) case managers also have an excellent working knowledge of various medical care providers countrywide. In many cases, we can access early medical treatment and review.  

- Examples of the Medical care providers MMS uses are: 
1. Occupational Health Physicians 
2. General Practitioners 
3. Specialist Medical Consultants 
4. Vocational Consultants 
5. Physiotherapists 
6. Occupational Therapists 
7. Psychologists 
8. Alternative Health 

- MMS continually researches and enhances its network of Medical care providers nationwide. We ensure that all medical care providers are appropriately insured and hold correct membership of their relevant professional body. 

Will I have to pay for the treatment for myself?

- No, MMS will co-ordinate sanction to cover the cost of the treatment. Once the funding has been agreed, we will arrange the treatment and pay the invoices for the agreed treatment in due course.

What if I am medically unfit to return to my original job?

- In the majority of cases, the objective of ensuring a return to work in the original job is achieved. However, should it appear that you might not be able to return to your original employment, MMS will arrange a referral to a vocational consultant. 
- The aim of the vocational consultant is to offer advice, guidance and support for people requiring individually tailored one-to-one assistance to enable them to get back into the workforce. 
- The Vocational Consultant will work alongside you and any other relevant parties (your employer/Grant Agencies etc) to implement an appropriate return to work programme. 

If I have a further query, how do I contact AIG Medical Management Services (Ireland)?

- If you have a query which has not been addressed on our website, please do not hesitate to contact us: 

• Email:
• Phone: + 353 1 2081468

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